Monday , 28 May 2018
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Restaurants misusing GST: Campaign started in Technopark>>  After the implementation of GST, the main sector that is looting the common man is some restaurants.  Before GST the billing was – the price of food + VAT + service tax; however, when GST came into place, the VAT and service tax should be go off from the bill and it should be –price of food + GST.  But, restaurant owners charging GST above the price of food, VAT, and service tax.  The amount shown in the menu will be different from which they are charging.

Some restaurants in Technopark campus also exploiting this situation.

Prathidhwani, the socio-cultural organization of techies, is raising its voice against this and started a campaign for taking this up to the authorities.

“Please do share your bills too so that we can make a mass move to put the curtains to this looting. We, Prathidhwani request all employees to give restaurant bills those charging GST as extra. Please send bills as message in FB or whatsapp in 9947091236.”, Vineeth one of the office bearers of Prathidhwani said to

Prathidhwani will be approaching Kerala finance minister, TM Thomas Isaac and Technopark CEO, Hrishikesh Nair to resolve this issue.


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