Sunday , 22 July 2018
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Ransomware- InofSec Seminar at Technopark on August 22>>  Ransomware has been an irritation for more than a decade, but only in the last few years has it become a real problem. In the early days the victims were mostly home users, who had unwisely clicked on an a bogus attachment in an email and found their PC locked and their files and family photos encrypted. In the last couple of years, however, the focus has turned to businesses, who have more PCs and more data to compromise — and deeper pockets to pay the ransom.

ISACA Trivandrum chapter is organizing InofSec Seminar on Ransomware- the top security threat of 2017- on August 22, 2017.   The seminar will be held at IIITMK in Technopark Trivandrum.

Experts including Sreenath Sasikumr, CEO of Mashup academy and Information security consultant and Rajesh P Nair, Senior consultant- Product development in a US based MNC will talk in the seminar.

Registration fee is Rs. 250 ( free for ISACA members and IIITMK) Register online :
For more details contact: Amy Thampy (90375 36458)


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