Wednesday , 20 June 2018
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Quick Heal Makes Android Phones More Secure

Quick Heal Technologies, the leading provider of security solutions worldwide, announces the launch of Mobile Security Suite for Android-based smartphones. With this launch, the company has taken a quantum leap towards addressing the global market of Android smartphone users.

“Smartphones have become an indispensable and important part of personal and professional lives. People have gone beyond basic entertainment, ringtones and have started using mobiles for advanced applications such as email, browsing, m-commerce and banking. We have used our deep research and knowledge in antivirus technology to address the security and information safeguarding needs of such users. We plan to launch security solutions for Blackberry platforms shortly”, said Kailash Katkar, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Quick Heal Technologies.

Android based-smartphones are rapidly gaining market share because of their immense popularity and availability of impressive handsets from popular manufacturers. Recent reports suggest that Android market share has grown to more than 50% of the total smartphone market making it the most widely used mobile operating system in the world.

Quick Heal Mobile Security for Android is a complete security solution that offers a host of features, such as, virus protection, call blocking, SMS blocking, anti-theft and data protection features. The automatic real-time virus and spyware scan comes with optional manual scan for installed applications. Call filtering allows users to block unwanted calls by configuring Black and White lists.

The SMS blocking feature enables silent blocking of malicious SMSs, unwanted spam SMSs and fraudulent SMSs. Data protection allows user to lock lost or stolen phones remotely and wipe the personal data remotely by sending a pre-defined SMS. This powerful product also has anti-theft feature to trace/locate a lost or stolen phone and has the capability to render the device unusable once stolen.

“There are a lot of security incidents happening around the Android operating system application space. Right now, Android is going through the same phase which DOS operating system was going through in late 80’s. There is tremendous lack of awareness among smartphone users about the security needs and with that; they are indirectly helping cyber criminals in their motives. With this release of security solution for Android, we plan to provide the smartphone users a very simple, easy to use, yet very powerful solution for safeguarding their phones”, says Sanjay Katkar, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder, Quick Heal Technologies.

The company plans to offer a compelling introductory price to all the early-adopters. To know more about the product and to avail exciting offer, visit


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  1. This sounds more like a promotion mailer…
    If u really wanna inform every android user of antivirus utility, display all available apps..