Saturday , 21 April 2018
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Polluted Tettiyar in our greenest IT Park.?

thettiyar1>>  Technopark is considered as the greenest IT park; however, it is not so green in case of a water body.  Tettiyar, a rivulet, which flows in the Technopark campus is bearing the brunt of development.  The pollution level in the rivulet is increasing on a faster rate and sadly Technopark is also a reason.

Once a fresh water rivulet, Tettiyar is now polluted with dumped plastic wastes such as carry bags and bottles.  Surprisingly, sewage from a washroom in Technopark is being diverted to the Tettiyar.

a drainage leading to Tettiyar

The rivulet is now a breeding ground for mosquitoes, which makes techies and other Technopark staffs prone to diseases like malaria and dengue.  Especially security guards and other staffs, working outside the buildings.

Tettiyar also flows in TCS, UST, and Infosys campuses, but the case is comparatively better in these places.

There were attempts by various Technopark firms and organizations to revive Tettiyar.  However, rivulet is back to its normal state after a brief period of cleaning.  Unless Corporation takes effective measures to prevent dumping of waste and sewage into the rivulet, it will be a major disgrace to the ‘greenest IT park’ tag of Technopark.

Initial environmental examination of storm water drainage- a study conducted by Thiruvananthapuram Corporation in 2012,  states ‘Tettiyar thodu is running in the premises of Technopark, Kazhakuttam and is being silted up. Protection of Tettiyar thodu will prevent flooding and water logging in the surroundings of the Technopark area’.

We are trying to reach out Technopark and Thiruvananthapuram Corporation for getting further information and actions about it, we will update the details as soon as we get the response from them.

(to be continued..)

Photo:  TechnoparkToday/ Hari Surendran


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