Monday , 21 April 2014
News Highlights

Your Next Phone May Powered By a 8 Core Processor!> Your next mobile phone may be powered by a 8 core processor! and interestingly Indian mobile phone manufactures started making of mobiles with 8 core processor ( Micromax, Intex, Spice etc) an Indian phone company will soon start selling a smartphone powered by an 8-core processor. MediaTek – a company based on Taiwan is manufacturing the 8 core processor.

An 8 core processor is already exist made by Samsung. but that uses only four cores at a time. but this new MediaTek 8 core processor is utilizing all of its 8 cores simultaneously. This new processor run at 2 Ghz speed.

This processor is based on A7 architecture by ARM. A7 is a low-performance, low-power use architecture compared to technology used by Qualcomm and Samsung in their high-end processors.


  • joseph k

    If the technology goes like this, sooner the mobile will be able to do any complex computations, and it can replace existing desktops/laptops.

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