Tuesday , 22 January 2019
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Past Life Regression and Spiritual Science: Two day workshop at Trivandrum

TechnoparkToday.com>>  Life foundation is conducting a 2-day workshop at Trivandrum on May 5 and 6th 9 am to 6 pm at Hotel Apollo Domora.

Heal your soul wounds from past lives..!!!  An experiential weekend to delve within your inner self, identify your soul qualities and talents, understand the roots of your soul wounds that manifest in this present life as limiting believes, fears and phobias, odd thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviours, peculiar preferences, likes and  dislikes, recurring dreams, chronic ailments, and dysfunctional relationships

Transform those negative residues from the past that are affecting your life today!

How does it work ?

Many limiting fears, phobias, complexes and issues can be traced to “unfinished business” from present or past life memories that lie hidden in the psyche. By regressing to the original cause of the mental-emotional-somatic problem, one can release the core blockages or shutdown points where healing can then occur spontaneously.

To avail early bird offer register before April 21, 2018
Call 9496256071, 9496280221



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