Saturday , 23 June 2018
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P C George M L A @ Electricity Office –another YouTube Hit..!

>>After the much watched Prithivirajappan Episode, a new flick has entered the arena of Youtube and other circles in which our Poonjar MLA PC George plays a villain role, but has become a hero for many.  Here, the chief whip of our assembly enters a KSEB office in his constituency and does some tongue lashing on three employees who have transformed themselves into “serpents” following a liquor party.  The much controversial MLA has his own potentials to win over many friends by creating the same number of enemies.  But in this episode, he has become the real hero for commons who are at the receiving ends of treasury fed employees who are well protected by their trade unions.  Frustrated by the poor response of KSEB officials in repairing the power breakdown even after repeated complaints, the MLA reaches the KSEB office and finds the responsible officials fully drunk and he does what they fully deserve.   To summarise, a politician cuts the Gordian knot and has done something good for the commons.


His language may be filthy but his actions are the fully justifiable considering the arrogant attitude of our government employees towards commons.  The told and untold sufferings of people at hands of self styled rulers at Village offices, Water Authority, Taluk offices, etc. have played their role in degrading our democracy. These Babus, who are fully fed by the people, see the common man in the street as his slave begging around government offices to get things done. In our State, no government offices functions to serve the people, but are centers of corruption, nepotism and all illegal activities.  No politician has done something to clean these rotten centers of corruption.  Everybody is scared or pretends to be scared of their militant trade unionism.  Any request or order to do something good effectively is fully challenged with instant strikes, gheraos, etc.  Surprisingly, no unions have so far called “hartal” or strike against PC George may be they lie quiet just to protect those “Pambus” who were there at the KSEB office.


The people need more of PC George type leaders to come out from their high profile living and fight against these government sponsored anti-socials, taking all the risk.  His actions may not be justifiable, if we take decency as the measuring scale. But we are left out of options.  We cannot go the Taliban or LTTE way by bombing to get things done.  We appreciate the values of Mahatma Gandhi and are ever ready to support all agitations of non violent nature and that is why Anna Hazare draws huge crowds.  But this is considered as a weakness of our society and vicious crooks in government departments exploit their own fellow citizens tearing them apart.


No civilized society can tolerate these activities that drive common man to suffer.  Political parties have the responsibility to straighten these criminals.  But when they play second fiddle to these government employees, people get tormented and lose their faith in our democracy.  So, that is why the PC George clip is being widely seen by many and he gets volumes of appreciation from all quarters.  We believe in Gandhism, but PC George is the right man to teach these government employees more about Gandhism.

Prathap  M.R.

Senior Editor,


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  1. PC should visit each and every office

  2. well done PC G we all are behind you.

  3. We need more PC George’s to put an end for such irresponsible so called public servents.

  4. This is very much needed. Appreciating PC George sir. We the entire techies are supporting you. we need such politicians for india. once again Kudos. and go ahead…

  5. Prathap sir..good are the best

  6. Excellent performance Sri PC George and very excellent write up by Mr. Prathap…
    Techonopark today rocks..

  7. Why cant we plan a reception for PC Geoarge

  8. I am ready .many times i suffered at the hands of water authority crooks

  9. Guys, what about giving a very great reception for PC George in Technopark? to show our solidarity to make a better world?

  10. Dear Friends,
    The language used by Mr. P. C. George was very bad. This is giving common people a message that these kind of harsh and bad language will work on Government offices.

    Instead of making this show off, he could make it this way. “A department level inquiry and take appropriate action on that employees”. Especially he is the member of party who is now ruling the state. We always need a permanent solutions, not a single day action in a KSEB office in Kottayam or Idukki District.

    Everywhere there are people who are lazy not doing their jobs. You can see it in our companies too. It will be there for ever. SO proper monitoring is required to ensure the government employees are doing their job on time.
    Apart from all these I appreciate PCG for doing that act. But it ‘s not good to repeat.

  11. Leo, Enough Gandhism and Department level Actions. If you do so, There wont be anything happen in this century. Once you react like this, then people will notice and the feelings against the corruption and irresponsibility will be revealed and noticed by the people and they will also start reacting that.

    Thus, such corrupted irresponsible people will start working. If you think the language is bad, you are living in even worst place.

  12. @ “A department level inquiry and take appropriate action on that employees”

    Sure…it will be a life long process..

  13. I also suggest to give a reception

  14. Please provide his contact no. I want to send a flying kiss. How we sufffered to get solve frequent power problem .god only knows PC did for me

  15. Somebody should inform PC that we are totally behind him

  16. leo,
    I agree with your point, but as long as we start behaving like this, these babus will not come down

    we need to extend our support to PCG


    I like to say – if possible we techies need to invite him for a meeting and congratulate him.

    Anybody interested???

  18. I am ready

  19. but how to coantact him any keral congress workers here please call him

  20. Anybody is there to take up this? lets meet him and congratulate on behalf of the entire techie community.

    We need somebody like this. at least react to our inefficiency of our systems

  21. WISH EVERY MLA WORKED LIKE PC. i was a victim of kseb cruuelty, three years back, due to heavy winds, trees uprooted in our area which cut electricity lines. for 13 days we had no power, our water source was tube well. to pull water from tube well, need electricity also. just imagine. after 13 days we hired private electricians who did repairs on kseb lines. the electrician by name was proposed by kseb oversear, each house he collected 500 rupees

  22. p c sir super u must visit all offices

  23. The politicians was policy makers ( Now they are not ) They preach what they practice in their home and assembly. Techies … You need not go after these foul tongues… there are so many good personalites in this country… Entering in to KSEB office and scolding is not an act of heroism( techies plz keep in mind) PC G eorge thinks he is the raja of Poonjar. but he sans the qualities that are entitled to the rulers of erstwhile rajyam

  24. good pc george. u are my suresh gopi in politics

  25. iam a fan of pc george after watching his interviews etc.
    want to meet him .
    ciyon john
    st.xavier’s college