Tuesday , 18 December 2018
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OzTern opened a new facility at Technopark

OzTern Digital Services Pvt. Ltd was launched at the Technopark.OzTern Digital is a full-service Consulting Company offering comprehensive Online Marketing Solutions located in Technopark, Trivandrum.
According to the OZTern officials, Within the next 3 years, OzTern Digital will become the premier Online Marketing company in India by becoming internationally known for its Online Solutions & Services.

OzTern Digital Services Pvt. Ltd is promoted by OzTern Technology Pvt. Ltd & Sudhir Sreenivasan.

OzTern Digital owes its origin to a Start-up called KYDotcom founded by Sudhir in the year 2000 in Trivandrum, India.

Sudhir has over 10 years experience in Online Marketing. He is one of the earliest & top-most Online Marketers from India. He has worked for various International B2B & B2C portals & has Domain expertise in all the areas of the Online Industry.

OzTern Technology Pvt. Ltd is a Software as a Service (SaaS) Application Development and Delivery start-up located at Technopark, Trivandrum, India, targeting independent Solution Providers and small, medium and large businesses to use OzTern’s Service Enabled Application Platform (SEAP) technology.

Over the past years, the World Wide Web has become the fastest growing advertising medium in the world. New Online Marketing firms are emerging and established ones are growing rapidly.

Our Online Business plan for clients takes into account various online marketing methods including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Link Building, Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, Online PR, Social Marketing Optimization (SMO) etc., and recommend the perfect marketing mix to promote your online business. After evaluating your website on various parameters, we will recommend the best overall marketing strategy.

Media Monitoring is a new service offered by PR  firms all around the world. OzTern Digital Services plans to develop Tools that will help in Media Monitoring.

The success of a product or service depends on its marketing. Marketing helps to promote a particular brand globally through different marketing techniques and today the most widely accepted form of marketing used is Online Marketing.

It is very difficult to market a product or service from Door to Door nowadays and this is a major reason for the success of Online Marketing. This kind of marketing tool attracts all the targeted audience to one place that is to a particular website rather than going to each one of them. Attracting visitors to a particular Website is done through Online marketing techniques. Online marketing plays a definite role to promote a product or service on the World Wide Web and thereby creates a unique image of the brand.

Advantages of Online marketing:

* The reach of Internet, as a tool of communication is the entire world. Customers can refer a website anytime they want.
* Online Marketing is quite cheap as compared to other forms of Marketing. Example, the concept of email marketing is quiet cost-effective to reach a large target audience.
* Every marketing activity on the World Wide Web is measurable. One can surely keep the records of performance by making use of different Web analytics tools available.
* Online marketing can be very interactive and help in one-to-one communication with the customer.

The Demand for Online Marketing services especially SEO services exceeds supply of the same. Globally it is the Seller’s market for Online Marketing services.

About ChocoNet Platform

OzTern Digital Services  will be launching the ChocoNet platform for clients very soon. The ChocoNet platform is a series of tools that gives you the power to optimize your Website for Search engines, track competitors, etc.,  This saves you time and makes managing your Online Marketing campaign easier..


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