Monday , 28 May 2018
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Oztern Launches unique formula for Effective e-Learning

This is India’s first complete adaptive and Personalized Learning System

Minister Kunhalikutty launching the Oztern e-learning product along with Mr Saiju V Stella, CEO Oztern, Dr. K C Chandrasekharan Nair, MD T-TBI, Mr. K C Ciby; Chairman of e-Students, Mr. Amjath Nejumudeen, BDM, Oztern and Mr Renjith G Pillai, COO, Oztern. >>Technopark based educational technology research and development company “Oztern” today launched a unique formula for effective e-learning. This first-of-its-kind technology in India was launched by Shri Kunhalikutty, Minister of Industries, Information Technology and Urban Affairs at a function held today.

The other dignitaries present on the occasion included, Dr. K C Chandrasekharan Nair, MD Technopark-TBI,  Mr. Saiju V Stella CEO, Oztern, Mr. Amjath Nejumudeen, Business Development Manager, Oztern, Mr Renjith G Pillai, Chief Operating Officer, Oztern. The launch event included a valedictory session by Mr. K C Ciby; Chairman of e-Students – Institute of Chartered Accountancy Studies, on “The Importance of Personalized and Gamified Learning”.

The e-learning formula developed by Oztern has the right mix of study content, adaptive learning technology and user engagement with game play mechanics. The formula is designed to impart personalized learning by which it can assess and understand the individual student strength and weakness and with its innovative adaptive learning technology can deliver high quality content that is customized to meet a student’s specific needs. It also analyzes the learning materials based on the concepts, relation between concepts, questions and difficulty levels and then split in to various content parts. The system then continuously monitors the student’s activities and uses refined algorithms to build customized learning package for each students from content parts.

Launching the e-learning online formula, Shri Kunhalikutty, said, “This e-learning formula would revolutionize education sector in the country and bring a paradigm shift in the way learning is conducted especially in schools located in rural areas and remote locations. The specialty of this concept is that the people who do not have internet access with them available can also access this technology. This will also make learning a truly personalized and self-paced experience for the students”.

The technology developed by Oztern continuously optimizes learning for each individual student and instructs the content parts which the students are most ready to learn. As the student studies through a course, and regularly reassesses the student to ensure that topics learned are also understood.

Specifying on the technology, Mr Saiju V Stella, CEO Oztern Technology said, “The coaching market in India that is worth 12 billion USD is mainly divided into three – Private tuitions at the K12 level, entrance test preparation and employment coaching. This market is expected to grow 12 per cent every year but is highly fragmented and regional/localized in nature. With our new technology our humble effort is to bring this fragmented sector under one umbrella and thus bring in a radical change in the existing educational learning experience.”

This new e-learning system is implemented with adaptive learning technology based on artificial intelligence, which shall act as a personalized teacher to the students, improving his skill levels progressively, based on the learning patterns of each student. In our personalized learning mode, our technology engages students by incorporating Gaming into the study programme. The system rewards the student’s achievements and motivates them to reach their study goals within the available time. Our game play mechanics helps them to build competitive spirit and confidence in their learning.” He added.

Girish Babu, CEO Technopark, said “This is indeed a very unique concept developed and a major leap in the technology being used in the educational sector. IT will provide a great learning support for students to understand and analyze their loopholes and possible ways by which they can improvise on it.  I congratulate the Oztern team for launching this innovative model.

To promote the advantage of this effective elearning formula in rural/semi urban areas – Oztern has also built “educational gadgets” that are embedded with the curriculum. It is the first of its kind in India designed to support personalized and engaged learning with normal USBs/Tablet PCs. Students do not need the Internet to study the content available in the gadget. These educational gadgets are powered by Cloud Computing. If the students want to get the latest courses/study materials in the same gadget, it can be updated through a unique cloud – gadget sync mechanism developed by Oztern.

Oztern is introducing study packages for Entrance Test Preparation for Medical, Engineering and Chartered Accountancy courses, Foundation programs for students in Class 6-10, Interactive learning programs for students in Class (1-5), English Language Programs for K12 and Employment coaching for competitive exams in Govt. and Bank.

Oztern has formed a consortium of renowned, visionary and experienced educators, educational organizations and other creative teaching professionals with a mission to provide effective learning to learners called OZTERN-EDU Brain Trust. In this trust they are associated with UT Dallas, University of Twente, Netherlands, Prof. P.C. Thomas – The entrance Guru, Cell Technologies – a leading multimedia provider in the K12 sector, eStudents – an institute for Chartered Accountancy studies and growing.



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