Monday , 25 March 2019
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No more Gentlemen’s Agreement in Technopark

Good news to techies! No more Gentlemen’s agreement in Technopark companies. Now an IT professional can join any IT company in technopark without any restrictions.  Gentlemen’s agreement was an informal understanding among the GTECH companies to prevent the ‘Jumping’ of resources within technopark companies. According to this agreement, An employee in a GTech company should produce NOC at the time of HR interview. But normally the NOC was issued if the employee had worked more than four years in the company.

This NOC problem caused many IT employees difficult to accept good offers from another companies in technopark. but interestingly some of the biggest companies in technopark did not joined in GTECH and thus they used to hire employees from GTECH companies. Also some of the companies which have office in many other places other than trivandrum used to appoint the emoloyees in some other location and transfer to technopark after sometime.

And now by dumping the Gentlemen’s agreement, techies will get more freedom to choose their career within technopark.


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  1. What fuckin GTECH…see todays newspaper ? Bastards has requested to avoid techpark cos. during hartal. they have also called for the Non allowing of Trade union formation in techpark. within 3 years techpark will see the forming of first trade union. wait & see. this is a must to teach a lesson to many of the non employee friendly companies …

  2. @Anil,

    refrain from posting such things here. Mind your language first, and i’m damn sure that your useless trade unions can’t do anything in Technopark or in IT industry. this is not a group of uneducated koolis. this is educated and civilized people.

    We have to ban harthal not only from technopark, but from this entire country. in next three years you can see the death of the trade unions in other segments also. ‘Nokkukooli’ vaalas you people go and grow up.

  3. Who is this pamman ? That old porn writer ? Any way your views are not correct. we are yelling 4 a techies united from bargaining for better work environment and pay….U Pamman get lost. u supporter of the corporates. Go and write your books. U ask people of kerala. They will tell who pamman is. go man go…….

  4. GTech has become the laughing stock when companies evaded their rules. So, they had to scale back.
    And regarding the trade unions, this guy Anil shall be the sole member of his union. President, secretary, treasurer, etc. There are morons and idiots and then there are trade union workers. Trade unions make people lazy. Have you noticed that anytime you see a trade union worker, he is relaxing the shades or sleeping? They want to make money without working. So, nobody can sell trade unions to hard working techies.

  5. trade unions for it is the need of this hour. IT is a big industry with millions of people working in india. they don’t have any rights or voices of their own. all IT companies have their own union to take care of their interests. but poor IT guys are still in the nightmares of the pretty old CPIM unions.

    but we have to realize that union is not CITU alone. you are new age people.techies you can have a better union. come on guys