Tuesday , 18 December 2018
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Newspaper carry bags: Krishipura Technopark setting a go green model

TechnoparkToday.com>>At a time when consumers hate to use plastic carry bags, Krishipura, the all-purpose organic shop functioning in Technopark, comes as a relief. Krishipura hands over products in carry bags made of newspapers.  Interestingly, the carry bags are made by a group of visually challenged people at Welfare association for the visually challenged, based in Vattiyoorkavu.  The group members are experts in making paper carry bags using newspaper, brown paper, colour papers and even paper bags with branding.

“As on organic shop, we are selling 100% organic products in our shop and trying our best to avoid plastic in all possible ways.  We were looking for an idle alternative for plastic carry bags and found this low cost newspaper bags, which we are distributing free to the customers.  Also by this, we could support the visually challenged people.” Shiraz Ansari, co-founder of Krishippura said to TechnoparkToday.com.

A group of techies under the aegis of a voluntary organization HANDS coordinating the business and marketing support for -Welfare association for the visually challenged, as their CSR outreach program.  For marketing enquiries, contact Sarath at 99474 55503 / 70126 74072.

Krishipura Technopark
Krishipura Technopark

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