Wednesday , 22 May 2019
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Mervin Alexander – New CEO of Technopark

Mervin Alexander
Mervin Alexander

Mervin Alexander has been appointed on deputation as the Chief Executive Officer of Technopark.

Merwin Alexander, who had been holding the post of Director of Postal Services at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, has taken over from Siddhartha Bhattacharya who was the acting CEO after former Technopark CEO Radhakrishnan Nair quit.

Merwin Alexander belongs to the 1987 Indian Postal Service batch and has held key roles in the Department of Posts in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and New Delhi. He has also worked as Chief Vigilance Officer in Cochin Shipyard Ltd, and Cochin Port Trust and served as consultant to the Asia Pacific Postal Training Centre, Bangkok in the past.

Alexander has to his credit several papers on postal management, transparency in administration and  vigilance administration etc, and also played a key role in the post office computerization in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.


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  1. What happened to the old CEO?

  2. these fellows keep changing CEO every few months. no wonder Technopark is in a mess.

  3. Only companies ‘inside’ Technopark are private, all others are ‘govt’.

    Got the reason? 😉

  4. yes that is the reason. why they are keep changing the officers? a person can do more things if he is familiar with the place. if they change them how it would be?

  5. Merwin Alexander, an officer of the Indian Postal Service (1987 batch), took charge as CEO of the Technopark on June 1.

    He was serving as Director of Postal Services, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu Region, prior to this assignment. Mr. Alexander has held key posts in the Department of Posts, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and in New Delhi. He has also worked as Chief Vigilance Officer at the Cochin Shipyard and the Cochin Port Trust and has also served as a consultant to the Asia Pacific Postal Training Centre in Bangkok.

  6. I hope the new CEO will do something wonderful for the Technopark which other CEOs failed to do.

  7. Y did they change the CEO?

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  8. Hello sir,

    In Techno club some of the support staffs and securities are seen intoxicated in night hours. For this makes not a safe and secure place for the female members to visit in odd hours. Sir, please have a look on this issue and make techno club safe and accessible to all even in odd hours.

    Jogging parks inside technopark will make employees healthy and technopark a beautiful place for health conscious people.

    There is no petrol bulk accessible near in technopark.Please have a look on this issue which will make life easier for the employees in technopark.