Monday , 18 June 2018
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New Terminal of Trivandrum International Airport – Photos

Good news to trivandrum! and good news to techies….The most modern airport terminal is getting ready in trivandrum. See the latest photos

photo courtesy: vivek

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  1. Very nice…our air port look like…forign countries…airport…

  2. Airport is very butiful same like foreign countrie. We have to keep it clean and tidy. At the same time employers has to be in full uniform dress and more obidient. This must be the representation of our country. Every foreigners has to appreciate our punchuality and charactor

  3. It looks good in the pictures. But practically there should not be much wastage of time for the passengers for check-in, baggage clearance, security check and immigration. In addition the authorities should co-ordinate with major airlines to operate direct international flights to western sectors without touching other domestic airports like, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi.

  4. Wait Wait let us see how the employees manage to maintaian and operate it that will decide whether it is of good class or not. Let us not call it world class when Changi, Suwarnabhoomi all are just under 4 hours away. I know the mentality of Malayali, lazy buggers while in Kerala.(Acknowledge hard working outside Kerala) I did not like the meatal sheet luggage conveyors. Energy inefficient and noisy. In this age of green design they should have used belts not steel plates, more of natural lighting and not fluroscent light (remember power shortage and power cuts in Kerala???) The whole place will look dull with out electric lights. The electricity bill will add to our airport usage fees. It might be a good idea if there are seperate immigration lines for returning Indian nationals and separate lines for foreign nationals.
    1) Introduce more flights.
    2) Reduce or eliminate user’s fee.
    3) Develop NH 47 on both the Northern and Southern sides of Trivandrum, so that more passengers hailing from the Southern parts of Alleppey and Pathanamthitta districts and from Kanyakumari and Tirunnelvelli districts of TN can arrive comfortably at the airport without facing traffic hazzles.
    4) Include duty-free shops of international standards.
    5) Promote more hotels (like we have near Nedumbassey Airport) near the airport.
    Now you all think before jumping in celebration. I live outside Kerla the land of eternal bhandhs and hartals. God’s own headache! Swagatham. I wrote this piece with pessimistic view because i genuinely wish for a change to better in kerala. I dream of a time when we study work and live in our native place. No need for a separation from parents, wife, children, relatives. Now we are paradesis world over. Why cant we live in our land?

  5. it is so beautifl airport like…. no more than another foriegn countries. beeause this is god’s own air port.

  6. super,amazing.beautiful airport ter look like foregin countries

  7. In foto its very beautiful.It should be maintained very neat and tidy.Even the staff of the airport should have the international standard behaviour and character.They should be trained how to deliver themselves in front of the passengers.When we travel to other countries we can see how is their hospitality and mentality towards us.So the authorities give special training to all the staff of TIA.

  8. No matter we have international standard terminal. The main thing how the employees are behaving with passengers. To maintain international standard, employees should behave well, atleast with humanic considerations. Line up with empty counters (no employees will be there at the counter) Or before finish line, the employee will switch with another (or next) counter. Means remaining passengers have to be back of the next counter. Shouting or speaking loudly to the passengers pretending that they are authority for everything. In security, all north Indian guards should behave well and should communicate softly with Kerala passengers.

  9. very nice but athra nalthekano antho

  10. this is good terminal in kerala….it is help to developing in tourist zone..i have one suggestion for our government.plz immediately complete domestic terminal with international terminal.trivandrum is the capital of kerala.we want all development is based on this capital city….

  11. Very good airport

  12. Its nice, But all the staff must be New ( Who don’t know to pick the pocket from poor pravasi’s) Pravasi who is making money with hard work. Don’t allow any one to pick their pocket.


    I was travelling on 1st March,2011 (the day airport is officially started operations)from our new airport tg UAE and there is no smoking room is available for smokers like me. Checked with officials and they confirmed that it will be arranged in a week’s time. Again I used this airport on 20th but situation is same as before…the information is ” We are working on this issue””. Their reply looks like I was asking to construct a runaway or another terminal. If the authorities are not providing the facilities even after paying Rs.575.00 per traveller it is totally injustice to passengers like me. PLEASE….DON’T TORCHER POOR SMOKERS ANYMORE…BETTER WE WILL GO BACK TO OUR OLD AIRPORT….DEAR SMOKERS PLEASE REACT TO THIS…


  14. airport very god

  15. i feel proud that our city has got a beautiful and eyes flashing terminal which we had dreamed before.lets give hatsoff 2 those people who tried hard 2 make it so only request is 2 maintain d beauty of terminal b’coz lots of our keralite have d behaviour of making dirty so plz be aware of them thx

  16. Good Air Port.I Think it’s to late,because it’s importance lost because of Cochin Airport.

  17. its looks like dubai int airport t 3 . very nice

  18. Airport is very beautiful same like foreign countries

  19. Terminal is new but the employees are old.
    I had to spent only around 5 minutes for immigration & customs clearance in Dubai but believe me, I had to stay more than 1 hour in long queue.

    Form-filling overheads extra.

  20. Very good airport. But it is our duty to maintain it. Do not litter it.


  22. It looks good but, u have to maintain it like other devoloped countries. As per my thinking kerala is cleaner and greener than an other states.

  23. wow ! fantastic ! superb ! it almost looks like DUBAI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT(DXB) ! more better than SHARJAH AIRPORT (SHJ) !

  24. It look like dubai international airport……

  25. kollam.. ippola itoru Air – Port ayathu…….ennum ithupole sooshikkane chettanmmare

  26. Positives from a non user POV – have just been there for pickups

    1. Decent terminal design
    2. Average space
    3. Parking facility and system for collecting parking fees is good. May seem high for some but avoids the “pettu kidakunna” syndrome in the parking area that folks have just because it is public property.

    1. As usual facilities here change but we don’t. Same old civic sense or rather lack of it
    2. The guys who help people pick luggage off the conveyor and place it on the trolley charge 500 bucks!! And they usually have agreements with more than one passenger. The rates for these kind of services should be fixed and displayed properly.

  27. its look like dubai intl air port.absolote beaty

  28. Superb, and cool airport i went there its so cool covered in full glass and very neat.

  29. hi want job coliffication plus two .laungeage einglish hindi tamil thelungu malayalam.have a driving licence

  30. sunil joe navaikulam shj

    very nice airport more better than sharjah air port

  31. In my opinion infrastructure of the airport is very important and it is quite well from the photos, but the behavior of the staff in the airport , taxi drivers, police , railway all these linked together. The movement all these works together to satisfy the needs of the passengers we can say vow! otherwise pray to god to improve our god’s own hell!

  32. very good air port but no use,,Flight ellam poogunnathu nedumbhaasheriyil ninnu maathram,ITHA IPPOL ORU PUTHIYA VAAARTHA VANNIRIKYUNNU,,”’AIR INDIA YUDE GULFILEKYULLA 5 FLIGHTUGAL CANCEL CHEYAAN POOGUNNU” Ithu aarudeyokkeyo kaligallanu,Trivandrum airportinoodu enthinnanu ee chittamma nayam Nammude MPmaarkkum jana padhinidhigalkkonnum oru taathpariyavum illa ellam kochikyanu AIR INDI A EXPRESS KERALATHILEAKYU MAATTIETTU ATHU KOCHIKKARKKU MAATHRAME GUNAMULLU ELLAM KOCHIKYU IRUNOOTTE,,JAI THIRUVANATHAPURAM,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ”’SREEPADMANAABHAAAAAAAAAAAAA””

  33. our airport is really elegant. Looks like a big mall or something. now it has become rushless and emigration dept. is clearing passengers fastly. More people are avalable for passenger services. The main attraction of the building is, people can enjoy beautiful scenery from any part inside the building.
    Really marvelleous

  34. you guys can make the best ariports but it would be useless if you guys cant maintain customer hospitality…greedy idiots will drive away forigners

  35. VERY GOOD AND A SUPERNATURAL AIRPORT..Introduce more flights.
    Reduce or eliminate user’s fee,
    Develop NH 47 on both the Northern and Southern sides of Trivandrum, so that more passengers hailing from the Southern parts of Alleppey and Pathanamthitta districts and from Kanyakumari and Tirunnelvelli districts of TN can arrive comfortably at the airport without facing traffic hazzles.


  37. Saleena Kottarakara

    Very Nice.

  38. Would like to see how the Malayali bunch would maintain the same. While in Kerala, I have very bad exp with these race of ppl. although known for their hardworkingness outside the country, they are ready to do anything.
    Take for example the way techno club house is maintained, and they food they provide. it would take a while……………………………………….. Everything in the dotted lines

  39. As one of our former friends said abt our new international airport, whole infra structure facilities are superb, however our management attitude should change. I request that the staff from customs department should not make any difficulties to those Indians of their arrival & departure time unneccessarily. We do not need their assistant, but they should not torture us.

  40. It is a very good air port in india

  41. This is my first time pay a visit at here and i am actually pleassant
    to read everthing at alone place.