Sunday , 22 July 2018
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New KSRTC bus started from Nagercoil to Technopark>> KSRTC started a new bus service from Nagercoil to Technopark.  The bus will start from Nagercoil at 6 am and reach Technopark at 9.05 am.  The return trip will be from Kazhakuttom at 3:10 pm via Technopark (3:15 pm) and will reach Nagercoil at 6 pm.

This is the latest of several services offered by KSRTC to techies.  A lot of long route services starts from Technopark especially on Fridays. Techies are making good use of these special services and most of the trips are jam packed.

Let’s make use of the news bus service arranged for our convenience and support the public transportation system.

Morning Schedule
6:00am Nagercoil
8.10 am Thampanur
8.30am Infosys
8.45 am Technopark
8.50 am Kazhakootam
9:00m Kazhakootam
9.05am Technopark
9.15am Infosys
9.45 Thampanur
11.50 Nagercoil

Evening schedule
3.10pm Kazhakootam
3.15 pm Technopark
3.25 pm Infosys
3.45pm Thampanur
6:00pm Nagercoil


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