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New Guest House Opened for Infopark Companies

>>Infopark’s first accommodation facility opened for all companies run by the Indian Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd., The new guest house has been set up to provide on-site accommodation for passing businessmen, employees and clients at Infopark.

The guest house, of 25000 built up space, consists of 20 rooms; 16 double deluxe and 4 fully fitted suite. Designed to mirror the executive nature of the IT hub, the guest house is equipped with top of the range facilities. Fully air conditioned with a VRV system, customers will be able to relax in a peaceful atmosphere, without having to arrange alternative accommodation nearby. Guests will also be able to take advantage of the multi-cuisine restaurant, indoor recreation area and can carry out business meetings in the hotel’s conference rooms. There is also a car park available for all who stay at the guest house.

CEO of Infopark, Gigo Joseph, has said ‘It is very important that we provide an accommodation facility within our campus. The new guest house means that visiting clients will not have to worry about finding somewhere to stay close by, as they can now relax in our exclusive facility.’

Guest house users will be able to check in on a 24 hour basis when visiting Infopark.


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  1. Infopark is growing like anything. Day be Day it is expanding. More and More facilties are coming up over there .

    Our technopark doesn’t even have guest house. Nothing is there in this techopark. No new developments.

    With the construction of smartciy, cochin is going to become India’s IT hub.
    Technopark will render useless.

  2. niflad,

    Smartcity will take at least 2 years to complete and there is no guarantee that smartcity will render technopark useless.

    Technopark already has a guest house. But Both govt of kerala and technopark has no interest in expanding the guest house. we need a bigger guest house.

    Technopark needs police station inside the campus. This demand is long pending.

    An outpatient (if not inpatient), hospital working 24 hours is badly needed. This hospital should have 2 or 3 resident doctors working 24 hours on shift basis and should be equipped with diagnostic facilities like ECG, EEG. A weekly specialty clinic is also desirable. This is yet another long pending demand.

  3. @niflad, if you get a chance, visit Technopark. It is in Trivandrum and easy to locate. Please do not comment on things which you have less info.

    Infopark definitely is developing. But still basic needs are pending. Mainly transportation, better food options, food options after 7 PM, etc. Considering the available area, Infopark need be be better managed. However, nice to see Wipro, IBS, UST like companies utilize it.

  4. Technopark Trivandrum is 1000 times better than anything in cochin. How can someone live in cochin? totally polluted, and hectic traffic, flooded and heavily populated place, industry waste and polluted air..

    But you know, trivandrum is still keeping its goodness of a village – both in fresh air and water. plenty of space, and you can reach any corner of trivandrum within 30 minutes.

    So there is no point in comparing the pathetic cochin with Trivandrum – the god’s own capital – in every sense.

  5. Good to know that Infopark is growing. But just adding some lines to inform about technopark developments where 70% of the total software exports of Kerala is happening.

    1. Technopark phase-1: Land allocation is over. Not a square meter of land is available as it will affect the unique greenery of Technopark. All the buildings are occupied. Only construction going on is for TCS software development center at 40 acres.

    2. TP Phase-2 UST campus construction is in full swing and Infy campus expansion is going on. Infy already functioning in 2 ‘ships’.

    3. TP Phase-3: 92 acres land between phase1 and phase 2. First two blocks are about to complete which will be having 1 Million square feet office space. Total 6 blocks are planned. Some biggies already booked the space.

    4. Technocity : , Total land to be acquired: 431 acres. Land acquisition is almost over.
    ASB campus stars functioning. TCS campus -one of the biggest in India- construction started. Infy and Suntec has acquired land. Some real biggies are in discussion stage. Hope it will be announcing soon.