Wednesday , 20 June 2018
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Need Volunteers to be Bombed…!!

Stories of sacrifice done by men and women alike to save their kith and kins or tales about animals volunteering themselves to become the prey of wicked lion kings have caught everybody’s attention, and morals from those keep on inspiring.  Now the right time has come for each and every Indian to replicate the sacrifices since bomb blasts happen frequently in our country and many innocent lives are lost.  These innocents pay a heavy price for the callous attitude of our political class who have no interest in protecting the lives of us.  Whether it is A party or B party, so far we are yet see something concrete done to put up a fight against terrorism.

Recent bomb blast at Delhi High Court revealed the apathy of our officials in providing a CCTV in that area even after one bomb explosion occurred earlier.  Two terrorists simply walked in, kept the bomb, and walked away leaving no trace.  Instead of introspecting seriously about the shortcomings, the Home Minister took on the verbal battle with opposition and was seen happy to establish that more blasts occurred during their times.  (This Chidambaran who was an advocate of lottery king Santiago Martin, now in Tamilnadu jail, became the Home minister because the Congress leadership was running out of options after terror struck in Mumbai)

America learned a lot after September 11 attack by not only taking revenge on its perpetrators, but enforcing the entire country to deal with all types of threats.  Common sense prevailed among its leaders and the entire citizens rallied behind them to implement effective anti terror measures. Of course, India is not America. We have more hurdles than any other Democracy.  But, what about giving a try, at least a sincere attempt to boost the confidence of the citizens and building up the trust on our political class.  Tragically and more miserably, we do not see anything positive from our ruling class and we are exposed to more and more terrorists’ attacks.

Who are getting killed ?, Only the poor who walk across the streets to reach their office or returning home after a day’s hard work become the victims.  Since they walk and do not have NSG or commando protection, they are not second class citizens. He may be a great father of kids who would be eagerly waiting to hear his footsteps or he would be waited by many hungry stomachs.  She might be the only daughter of her ailing parents bed ridden at home, waiting her return to have their food and medicines.  But this super rich political class, most who have amassed billions, gives a damn towards their own countrymen.  For them, the commons in the streets are a nuisance.  For them, the people who hang around Anna Hazare are anti-national.  For them, the people who fight for their rights are the terrorists. Unfortunately, as commons, we have no right to arm and defend ourselves.

The only way is to strike a deal with the terrorists.  People who are ready to sacrifice will volunteer themselves to be bombed at an isolated area, there by sparing the ones whose survival is imperative.  These volunteers would register with any agency and they can hand over the list to the terror groups who enjoy all sorts of violence.  If they want a car bomb explosion, the volunteers can enter a car and get exploded somewhere without disturbing our political leaders and impotent officials.  Or, if they want a hijack, they volunteers would travel on a plane and get crashed onto the Himalayas.  One may be surprised to know whether this country will get enough volunteers to do so.  If somebody says “I will spare your children”, there will be a heavy push from parent’s side!!! (Never bet on this) That way thousands will line up to sacrifice.  Our country, its history, its development, everything is achieved by the sacrifice done by many for others.  Then why not, for this genuine cause.  As long as we are ruled by these people, we have no other way.

Prathap M.R

Senior Editor, TechnoparkToday


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  1. we should do our part also.the citizens should step up their vigil

  2. India is a country, where the terrorists can experiment their activities.