Monday , 22 July 2019
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Natana Launch Photos

Finally, The Dreams of thousands of Techies in Technopark became True. The Mega launch of the greatest platform for  the arts in Technopark happened yesterday evening, inaugurated by the youth icon Prithviraj.

In the colorful occasion with Dances, Skits, Fashion Shows and enthralled audience, The launch of NATANA was the biggest event ever happened in the history of Technopark!

The Attraction of the event was Pritviraj. Audience were really excited to see him, and he answered for a couple of casual and curious questions from Techies, including his marriage.

In the vote of thanks speech, Anoop Ambika – the key personality behind this initiative told ” we started this with a simple concept. to conduct an art film festival in technopark. But when we discussed it with people, it became a great concept of NATANA – the biggest Arts platform for Techies”. He remembered and thanked each and every contributors, supporters, well wishers and each and every person who made this happen.

after that, the unique malayalam rock band – AVIAL performed in stage. What an astonishing and terrific show! They made everyone dance.. It was really a great evening for Technopark.


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  1. Great job…

    You are the first media to deliver the news of natana inaguration event with photos. thanks for the quick update.

  2. if anybody else is having the photos, please post the links here….

  3. we enjoyed a lot..AVIAL rocked the technopark… Thanks to JOB for his great numbers…we really enjoyed..wonderful show..thanks crew…

  4. Prithviraj’s appearance was really good yesterday. many rumors were there that people wont like him. but that changed forever yesterday. he answered very sensibly and everybody liked him. many became his fan by the event. good work.. at last we got a young and sensible hero for malayalam industry.

  5. i think most number of female fans in technopark is Prithvis…Prithvi..we love you…..

  6. The skit was super..chakyar and the way they presented it was nice. I liked the end of that skit..there is only one ventilation from all of your frustrations..creativity. either you can do that, or you can enjoy that. Music, Arts and books are the source of everyones happiness..if you are in a bad mood..go out and see the nature, listen to a music, or read your favourite book..that can make a positive impact on you…

    great concept…great presentation…

  7. Great endeavour by the GTECH. thanks a lot for opening doors to a whole lot of creativity thats gonna come up on stage!! ystrdays opening ceremony was just great.. congratulations to all the efforts made by all the brilliant and talented people behind and on stage. hey techies..LET THiS BE A BEGINNING!!

  8. program was good…but restaurants went empty :-((((

  9. any video in youtube?

  10. Ganesh Ramakrishnan

    Program was good. We really enjoyed it. The skit was super.

  11. The dance was THE BEST!! No words to explain. ultimate dedication. Keep it up. Never seen a better, bigger event in Technopark.

  12. It was a great event….great concept….great execution….NATANA team jst rocked….awaiting much more from them.

  13. Hi All,
    Really the show was awsme:) but plz try to conduct events in sat or sundays 🙁

  14. Brilliant show, just loved watching it.

    This might be the first time Pritviraj being widely accepted by all including guys. All credit goes to the vibrant MC Rajesh who made Pritvi comfortable through out. Infact his questions made Pritvi appeal to the masses.

    Congrats to all behind the show.

  15. It was really superb… way to go Natana… !!! expecting much more events !!!
    May this club can contribute much more in coming years!!!

  16. The stage show by the guyz & gals from Technopark was fantabulous…The highlight was they were able to convery the theme very beautifully. It was like a mini-movie like story telling stuff which included the Chakyar (dramatic narrator), fashion show, Dance performances, Comedy skit, Conglomeration of our traditional art forms & finally the showcasing of the Logo behind the stage……….

    The narrator really set the tempo for the show….which erupted during the fashion show & dances…a visual treat indeed..Then came the skit…… the skit which depicted client visits , bench (in IT) related stuff , behaviour of different people in the Technopark was really cool…we were able to relate to the scenes in our daily life…towards the end the different arts forms coming together was the belle of the ball…………I was unable to be a part of this Natana Club as a participant for the launch but I am looking forward for another event where I could join.

    The theme song with candle lights wavering all over struck the right cord…Hats off to the Natana coordination team and all the companies that came together for this initiative.

  17. It was a great evening, We all enjoyed every bit of it. I would rather say there were two stars on the show, one of course was Pritviraj with his killing smile and the other was the anchor of the event, Rajesh who stole many hearts with his professional presence of handling such a huge crowd and timely delivery of spot questions to Pritviraj. I would term it as a Pritvi – Raj show !!

  18. Where is the photos of Avial gig… Actually that was the best part of the event… Its a pity that you guys missed it. Not to mention the behaviour of those drunk retards infront, throwing everything they got in their hands in to the stage.. Avial rocked!!!

  19. yeah Avial really rocked in technopark. Also what you said is very true.. there were some drunken people in front of the stage, made the entire show a mess.

    The main problem makers were from VYGA Animations, Its really shame and pity so that such people are working in such companies, and its a shame for the company and technopark.

    We have the photos of all such trouble makers, we will mark them and post the photos, if possible in this blog itself to identify them. and to give a friendly warning to such people in upcoming shows.

    Technopark is a professional organization, and everybody is expecting such a behaviour from all the techies, thats why the organizers didnt went for any addidional security forces or even the police. but such anti socials in technopark is a serious threat for any such good intents.

  20. Nice photographs…good coverage!

  21. Avial rocked technopark. I too agree on the comment the MC’s were good, especially the guy who comes on Asianet, he bowled Pritvi n the crowd with hand picked questions. I have seen this guy interviewing the legend Amitabh Bachan recently.

    Hard to believe such talents are working in Technopark, congrats to Natana for bringing them out.

  22. What a fantastic event..Natana rocked the entire technopark. Avial performed very well, and still the songs are in my head…Nada Nada Nada…

    Pritviraj impressed the audience with his words and I think this is the first time he is getting the 100% acceptance in any of the events. He is the real youth icon and the way he presented himself at the event was really superb…

    We can’t do it anymore better…kudos to everyone behind this…

  23. Natana became the buzzword now. the show was fantastic, and we can imagine how much effort it really required. they managed the entire show without any professional event management team, but they managed it better than any other event happened in technopark, even the tek a break.

    Everybody having a concept like techies are good for nothing other than sitting in front of computer. but the recent incidents shows that they are much much active and better than any other group in the society. they are young and vibrant and ready to take up any challenge.

    Hope Natana would become the single platform for the great revolution in technopark

  24. Any avial performance videos in youtube? please share the links.

  25. Natana’s effort was BRILLIANT. I can only imagine the pain each member went through. I bow down to Anoop Ambika and team for the initiation and your belief that you can do it. The show rocked the night, highlights being the Fashion show, the contemporary dance, AVIAL & not to mention Prithviraj.

    But on the same note the flaws also need to be realised, for correction in future. The MC’s did not do justice by not allowing Dr.Venu to continue his talk. Not only is he an interesting personality, but being an invitee I felt he was left thoroughly insulted. Prithviraj could’v been seated and Dr.Venu shouldv been given the opportunity to continue his talk. Am sure he’s sensible enough to not take much time either.

    The link between the skit and the Fashion show was lost. Lot many people dint understand what just happened. But the gala of the Fashion show helped the audience forgive that flaw. Again the dream in the middle of the skit was not conveyed as well. Not many understood that that was a dream. Connection lost again, but again forgiven coz of that beautifully choreographed Contemporary dance :)) .

    Lastly, the show performed by the drunkards was a cheap one. Only hoping that these loose heads would behave more appropriately in future shows.

    Keeping these tiny flaws in mind, I await for Natana next BLAST!! Keep Going 🙂

  26. Lastly, the show performed by the drunkards was a cheap one. Only hoping that these loose heads would behave more appropriately in future shows.

    The drunken and peoplem made people were from 1. vyga animations( for sure ) and 2. E&Y( they were wearing grey lanyard, but not the IBS. other than them it seems only E&Y) having the lanyard like that. 3. Don’w know about his whereabouts, who was on the stage by cleaning up the flowers first and then started to make troubles for the perfomers.

    Next time, we should put bouncers and security guards as well. this time the voluneers had a very hard time to keep the drunken stupids away from the stage.

    anyway it was a good program

  27. The drunken act made at the end was too bad. However the MC timely interfere and ensured the show to a smooth climax. However playing the host every techie should have ensured their responsibility.

    If Pritviraj came on time it should have avoided the confusions of Dr Venus speech. Although he said sorry, this should have been avoided by him. I still doubt whether Pritviraj was acting in front of all, since he haven’t behaved in such a way to the audience till date. I think he should thank the MCs for making him comfortable to the crowd. The male MC who comes on Television was simply superb. I loved his question on Prateeksha Menon, a clean sweep !

    Expectations are high for Natana now, keep it up.

  28. It was a perfect show. I’m working in technopark for more than 10 years. and I didnt see such a wonderful program so far. even any of the tech a break shows. people were staying back even after 9PM. Avial…What a show….

    Prithviraj got so many fans from technopark in this visit. even the people who doesnt liked him started to like him very much. He is the super star now. all the old stars went dull and less shining in front of the new star called prithvi.

  29. Really happy to know that our technopark has started its own cultural club. Natana launch program was one of the best in the history of Technopark. But the drunkard acts made it rly worse. It was mostly people from Toonz Animation and Ibs dat made the prgm really worse. Even ppl wearing gray tag, think frm toonz(who had freaky looks) were commenting n using abusive language towards girls. These sort activities should never happen in future programs. Aint they shameful to act so, even though they are part of co-ordinating natana.???

  30. Yeah some grey colored tag wearing people made issues there. How many companies having the grey colored tag which looks similar to IBS? Toonz./E&Y? anyway those guys were not from IBS. because the identity tag of the IBS looks different. One Tall and well built guy and a small guy( with a spekz, and he tried to climb on the stage – and the volunteers gave him several warnings and pushed him down at last ).

    and when i returned from car park, i’d seen that a camera man was holding on neck of the tall big guy, and when i came via there again, what i’d seen is the tall big man was standing and crying there with torn shirts.

    There were a couple of other trouble makers from vyga animations too. a short dark guy and a guy with lil bit of long hair.

    It is really pity having such drunken bastards in a professional organizations technopark.

  31. Another moron looking guy and his friends were there on the right side of the stage, and that friend guy climbed in to the stage fist as if he is the cleaner, and cleaned some flowers in the stage, and after that he started going close to singer and made troubles. he was a real headache and nuisance for the entire crowd including the volunteers.

    His friend who looks like a moron, felt so bad when his drunken friend was pushed out of the stage. and he tried to show off by acting as a don and challenged the volunteers. and he were there even after the show and was showing his attitude to one of the volunteers who pushed his drunken friend from the stage.

    He looks really ugly and he was drunken. his face appered like a dirty devil and he is such a looser, and if he stayed some more time there with his attitude, he would be getting very nice pudding from the voluneer guys.

    Pity you moron, if you or your friend happened to read this

  32. heyy folks, am wrkng in IBS and i was there near front ramp. None of the employees from IBS were there making any trouble in public. It was definitely from TOONZ ANIMATION dat made such a nasty and shameful performance in the stage as well as outside stage. Don’t say anyone who wears an ash tag is from IBS. There was a bald guy, and a short guy and anothr nasty fellow who got on stage picked up flowers and was tryng to showoff alng with the singer. All these ppl are’nt frm IBS. I repeatedly say they are from TOONZ. IBS has its own status, and they wont do such 3rd rated performance in public. So please stop using IBS name in this topic.

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  34. Nice photos…really missed the event…

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