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Muthoot Life Blood Directory Initiative – Join to Save Lives>> August 13, 2013:  As part of its CSR efforts in the health domain, the Muthoot Pappachan Foundation has found a way of responding to the critical requirement of ‘lifeblood supply’, which has no alternative or replacement.

Muthoot Life Blood Directory Initiative, dedicated to saving lives, has embarked on a nation-wide campaign to mobilise the public to voluntarily donate blood, based on the requirements of needy patients. It has initiated the Life Blood Directory to spread the message of voluntary donation to millions of Muthoot customers and stakeholders, encouraging them to join the movement.

The pilot project was launched last year on World Blood Donor Day (1 October2012) in over a thousand Muthoot Fincorp Branches in Kerala. Within 4 months, around 30,000 people voluntarily registered themselves in the Life Blood Directory at these branches.

Following this, an interactive portal was set up to extend access to the public through over 3500 Fincorp branches in the country, with options for registering voluntary donors as well as posting blood requests. The Web Portal and Help Desk of the Lifeblood Directory were launched by Dr.ShashiTharoor, Union Minister of State for HRD.

muthoot blood donationFeatures:

  • 24×7 Help Desk
  • Volunteers can register in the Life Blood Directory at any Muthoot Fincorp Branch
  • Registered donors sign a consent form to express willingness to donate blood
  • Anyone can post a request for blood through any Fincorp Branch
  • Centrally-coordinated Help Desk enables Patient – Donor interface
  • Facility available through Fincorp Branches across the country
  • Toll free No. (1800 300 00 109)

Patient Advantage:

  • Single point of contact to post emergency requests for blood
  • No direct contact with donors asking for availability
  • Help Desk will take care of donor management and confirm availability
  • Can post requests in advance for fixed surgeries

Donor Advantage:

  • Donor’s personal information is not publicised
  • No frequent calls from patients/public requesting donation
  • Only Help Desk will communicate request for donation
  • After one donation, no requests for the next three months
  • Why @ Technopark?

Being the largest IT Park in the country, the Technopark campus has over 40,000 working youngsters who are potential donors.

If the companies, as part of their Social Responsibility, come forward and join this Directory, it will help align their young workforce with this broader platformand help us improve the deplorable availability of donor blood.

Volunteers can walk into the Fincorp branch inside the TechnoPark campus and register in the Directory. Alternatively, the Muthoot Pappachan Foundation will be happy to have a joint CSR programme with IT companies for an orientation-cum-registration campaign at their premises.

Companies associating directly with the initiative and registering their willing employees will be registered as a special Donor Organisation and can avail special benefits from the Muthoot Pappachan Group.

Individual employees can also associate with the Directory and avail benefits in the event of an emergency for their family or friends anywhere in India through the Fincorp branches.

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