Tuesday , 21 April 2015
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Mobile App Idea Contest by Polus Software

Technopark based IT services company, Polus Software has launched a mobile application idea contest, named App Eel, in view of fostering innovation and creating a platform where smarter applications can be created by end user collaboration. The contest hopes to generate general interest in this space whilst encouraging the end-user to wear the innovator’s boots and come to the forefront of the creational process.

The contest is open for everyone. Contestants can submit their ideas through http://www.polussoftware.com/app.php, along with their Name, Email and Phone number. The last day for the submission of ideas is July 31, 2012. The winning entry will receive a cash prize of INR 10,000 along with a chance to be a part of implementation and will be notified through email and by phone.

Polus software has been operating in the IT services space for a variety of domains like Research administration, Affiliate marketing, Manufacturing etc. App Eel is launched in association with the newly launched mobility services Line of Business of Polus Software Pvt Ltd.

  • binu

    Good contest. everybody wanted to be in the mobile app business.

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    Thanks, so helpful! Just one question: which fondant do you use? Thanks!

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