Saturday , 23 June 2018
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MLA’s Car Flouting Norms

An MLA’s car was seen violating rules, not just traffic rules, the car has back curtain when the Hon’bleSupreme Court of India order is against it.   Mr. Prakash J, a Technopark employee caught this incident on his camera.  TechnoparkToday publishing the photograph with the incident in his own words.

>>”Last week while I was on my way to T-park in the busy morning hours I was halted by a traffic police near Kaniyapuram bus depot at the zebra line for crossing over of a bunch of nearby government school students. Much to my surprise and worry I heard a screeching sound of a brand new maruti swift, which had missed my bike crash-guard just by a hairline. I turned towards the driver of the vehicle to show gesture of dissatisfaction towards his arrogant driving, but this guy did not even bother to look at me and instead hit on the accelerator again to cruise at top speed. While at the back of mind I was thinking about the two “M” power – Money and Muscle power rules, to my dismay I again found the same white maruti swift at the next zebra cross at Vetturoad. I snatched my mobile to click this snap.

My doubts

  • Is MLA’s car exempted from speed regulations ?
  • Is MLAs car allowed to violate traffic rules – to stop beyond the zebra cross ?
  • Can curtains be used in MLAs car ?

Prakash J



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