Thursday , 19 January 2017

‘Mayakkannadi’ – a Parody of all Sorts

In these days of cyber age, many youngsters find various social media as the best way to ventilate their thoughts and ideas.  Short films are the new fad.  A group of techies too joined the bandwagon with a short film titled ‘Mayakkannadi’.

‘Mayakannadi’, as the name suggests, is a story of a dream.  A video parody, Mayakannadi is made by the employees of Accentia Technologies.  The short film is penned and directed by Suryajith Kattappana while Dr. Shreejiith Shivanand did the cinematography and editing.  The cast include Jose Antony, Unnikkrishnan, Sunil Nair, Binu Louis, Antony Kuriakose, Sathyajith, Santhosh Pillai, Anupama, and Hilta.

The short film takes a satirical view on the recent incidents in both film and cyber world.  The wide chasm between dreams and reality is depicted through the mind of a daydreamer techie.

Director Suryajith said, “The fact that many people working in the company came forward expressing interest in various areas of film making amused me.  Their interest inspired me to do ‘Mayakannadi’ in a very low budget within a limited time”.  ‘Mayakkannadi’ is Suryajith’s fourth short film after ‘Spring after the fall’, ‘Pravesam’ and ‘Chuma’, which was an anti-tobacco ad film selected among other 15 ads by the state health department.

Click here to watch Mayakkannadi on YouTube


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