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Malayalam Wikipedia gains popularity

Malayalam Wikipedia is gaining popularity all over the world. With as many as 5,755 new articles added in 2011 to it, the Malayalam “Wiki” now has a total of 21,873 articles. Also, last year alone saw the addition of 8,744 new members.

Its popularity is the result of the concerted effort of the Wikimedians who introduced a number of activities such as “Wiki Grandhasala,” “Wiki Nikhandu,” mapping, and the development of one-line information. A number of workshops were also organised throughout the state to  make the movement more popular.

Currently, the Malayalam Wikipedia has the seventh largest collection of articles in India. However, the number of articles is expected to reach 25,000 by the mid-2012. An online quiz that began in October 2011 was one of the programmes conducted to popularise the movement.

As part of the 10th anniversary, a project was mooted to add more information to the one-line information. Around 250 one-line information was identified and around 80 developed.  Malayalam wiki dictionary now has 71,184 definitions. About 10,573 new definitions were added in 2011. Some definitions were made more informative by adding related images.

Source: KeralaIT.rorg

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