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Make use of the Technopark-Attingal Volvo Service

>>On repeated demand of techies, KSRTC has decided to operate Volvo service from Technopark to Attingal.  Since the operation cost of Volvo is high, KSRTC has decided to run the service on an experimental basis for one week.  If the service is found non-profitable, then it might be stopping the service.

According to the KSRTC officials, the bus will reach Technopark by 6.45 p.m.   The bus number is  JNT 13.  The service will be highly useful for techies from Attingal.  Let’s make it a success by using the public transportation.

TechnoparkToday thanks  Santhosh Nair, Operating Officer, Alokin Software Pvt Ltd. for his repeated efforts to bring the facility to Technoaprk.  Seeking the attention of authorities, Santhosh wrote several requests to the Minister of Transport.


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  1. Good initiative.

  2. Very good initiative, and techies, please make use of this service and make it a success.

  3. It would be nice if KSRTC operates more buses (Ordinary/non-AC Low floor) in the East Fort- TP route during the morning time. Most of the buses with board
    “technopark” would touch only the main gate, and if they can reroute it inside technopark , then I think it would be really helpful for those working in Bhavani and Thejaswini buildig. Now it will take 15 mins of walk to reach offices after getting down at Main Gate. Also to avoid the huge rush in the buses during the evening time (from Main Gate), they can start service from TP to City, which I think would be beneficial to both KSRTC as well as Techies here

  4. Very good initiative, techies Please make use of this(allways try to use pulblic transport to avoid traffic, to preserve oil, and to reduce pollution)

  5. sooraj_technopark

    Very good initiative.

    A Volvo service from technopark (via Bypass) to Neyyatinkara is also required.

    As suggested by Mano, all buses towards Kazhkuttom (from East fort side) can be diverted through technopark.

  6. very good initiative, and thanks to the person who take it to the level of ministry and made it happen. so all techies should support this, then only if we go with another request they will listen us. please show our unity and strength in this. once again thanks for the one behind it, and more and more such good things needs to happen.

  7. Gud job……………….

  8. Hi
    Very good initiative. …thanks for all…. 🙂

  9. unni_cadmiumtechnologies

    nice initiative….