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Living World – Monsoon : Ready to move-in apartments near Technopark, 2015): A new design and construction firm led by a team of architects introduces a unique type of apartment to Trivandrum City.  The company, named Livingworld Building Studio Pvt. Ltd. – Livingworld for short – brings you low rise apartments with gardens that provide maximum private built-up area for your money while minimizing recurring maintenance costs.

Their first project, named Monsoon, is now complete and ready for occupancy. Located near Technopark at Station Kadavu, Monsoon consists of three 2 bedroom full-floor apartments.

Since common areas are kept to a minimum and external finishes are mostly of natural materials, maintenance cost is reduced. The natural external finishes consisting of high quality exposed brickwork and specially sourced handmade ceramic tiles, introduces a whole new design aesthetic.

Plants and landscaping are an integral part of their project and each apartment in Monsoon comes with a private garden space. Window sills and balconies have planter boxes enabling you to create micro-gardens all around you home.

Contact information:

703 4444 881
[email protected]
Livingworld Building Studio Pvt. Ltd.
23/C798,1st Floor, Jawahar Nagar, Trivandrum


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