Saturday , 23 June 2018
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Kuppi – Android app to find foreign liquors

Kuppi - Android mobile app to find liquor >> There is an app for everything – Here is KUPPI – An app to know the price of foreign liquors in Kerala State Beverages Corporation outlets (BEVCO). Other features include Beverages Outlets list, Dry Days in Kerala, What to buy etc.

This FREE android app is developed and released by LEO Softwares. It got features to find and and locate beverage outlets, price lists for brandy, rum, vodka, whiskey, gin etc, the list of dry days. proverbs etc, the most interesting feature is you can find the brand according to the budget – you can search like what brand of brandy you can get for 250/- etc.

Many critics says such an application popularize the liquor consumption – but  the tech world is seeing it as another innovation.

You can download Kuppi app from Google Playstore. Link –


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  1. Guys, you can work with the BEVCO, to include the availability of a particular brand in a particular outlet. ( Real time stock data )- like 3 More XYZ brand available. :-).

  2. Now “kudiyans” have a strong reason to buy an Android phone.

    This will surely increase Android sales in Kerala, especially during Onam and New-Year seasons!

  3. Yeah, Android phones are everywhere now, because its very cheap and future rich. We can expect many such apps in future.

  4. very good App, it should be very useful to find outlets in strange places.

  5. i can’t download kuppi from playstore. please help me.
    shyama c

  6. for windows platform is it avail….?