Saturday , 23 June 2018
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Krav Maga Ultimate Boot Camp in Trivandrum from Aug 20th, 2012

Krav-Maga – the internationally renowned system for self-defense is coming to Trivandrum. Rampart Security Systems & services is offering this unique opportunity to the enthusiasts. They are conducitng a boot camp in Trivandrum, But other than the boot camp, Individuals and IT companies can avail the training on request ( contact:+91  9744229744)

Krav Maga – The ultimate self defense boot camp is conducting for the first time in kerala, in Trivandrum from August 20th – August 26th, 2012.This P- Level Intensive Krav Maga Training camps have already been successfully done in all major Indian Cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Nagaland, Madhya Pradesh etc, for many years.

Level P1- P3 will be taught in this one week (7 days) of training. This training is so effective that for most of the threats you’ll face in civilian life, the training is sufficient. In our Training Camp you have the option of joining for 1st day or any day, and assess the training and continue only if you so wish.

Some of the Krav Maga Techniques You will Learn in this Boot Camp will be:-

1.Stances and Movements
2.Straight Punches
3.Circular Punches
4.Punches with Directional Movement
5.Elbow Strikes –Horizontal& Vertical Strikes
6.Hammer Punches
8.Leg Defenses against Kicks
9.Hand Defenses v/s Kicks
10.Outside Defenses (“360”)
11.Outside Defenses against Punches
12.Inside Defenses v/s Straight Punches
13.Inside Defense (with armor forearm) against Straight Punches
14.Release from Chokes
15.Release from Headlock
16.Release from Bear Hugs –Arms Free / Arms Caught
17.Release Wrist / Hand Grabs
18.Defense against Knife Threats
19.Defense against an Attacker charging with a Knife (over 2m distance)
20. Ways to Getting up from the Ground.
21.Releases while on the ground
22.Dealing with falls
23.Using Common Objects as Weapons for Self-Defense
24.Simulation and Tactics
25.Kubotan Techniques

In Addition to the above main training camp, for Corporate, Groups, Associations, Colleges, Organisations etc there will also be Seminars on Specific Threat Scenarios such as:-

1.Women Self Defense.
2.Car Jacking Defense Tactics.
3.Knife Defense Tactics.
4.Gun Defense Tactics.
5.Home/ Family Defense Tactics.


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  1. Adv. Anu V. Nambalikkaran

    Admin, Please note: As a good will gesture, International Krav Maga Federation, Krav Maga Kerala is willing to conduct 2 hour Self Defense Training Seminars for your group members and their family at concessional rates. Call us and we can help you organize an Onam Celebration everyone will Cherish. let us join hands to Protect and Safeguard our Society, in this 66th Independence Week !!!

  2. This is the need of this hour. in a very unstable and aggressive world outside, the techies especially the girls, should learn such lessons.