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108 Ambulance Service Saved 42348 Lives in 2 Years

Sweta Mangal, CEO, Ziqitza Health Care Ltd, Radheesh V, Project Head for KEMP Dial 108 along with other 108 Ambulance Staff >>It was on 19th May 2010, Dial ‘108’ in Emergency was launched in Public Private Partnership (PPP) with Mumbai-based organization, Ziqitza Health Care Ltd. The project covered 25 different places in the Trivandrum District with a network of fully equipped 25 ambulances. The service was named “KERALA EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICE PROJECT” “Dial 108 in Emergency”.

Two years later, KEMP Dial 108 in Emergency has made a remarkable change to the lives of the people in Trivandrum.

108 Milestones in Trivandrum in  the last two years:

  • Received 2, 39,000 calls
  • Served 42, 324 patients
  • Attended 18802 Accident cases of which 44% were cardiac cases
  • 1478 Pregnant Women
  • Attended to43 cases of successful deliveries in the Ambulances


Speaking on the second anniversary, CEO of ZHL, Sweta Mangal said, “Today    people in Trivandrum are synonymous with this service and Dials 108 in case of any emergency. During these two years through KEMP Dial 108 Emergency, has  contributed in making a remarkable change in the lives of people in Trivandrum in a  small way. This huge project became a reality only because of the support and guidance Kerala Government, KMSCL, NRHM and all the officers of the Health Department”

“Creating a successful service in Trivandrum, we have now undertaken the   Emergency Response Service of 108 Ambulance in Alappuzha district with 18 ambulances”, Radheesh V, Project Head for KEMP Dial 108 in Emergency added.

Talking on KEMP 108 Ambulance Service’s success, Biju Prabhakar, Managing Director, Kerala Medical Service Corporation Ltd, said, “KEMP Dial 108 Ambulance service was first launched in Trivandrum as a pilot and then to Alappuzha. We are happy that we have been able to turn this into a successful project and became an important service for the citizens. We hope to replicate this service into the other districts of Kerala”. He proudly added that “this is one of the most successful PPP model in Kerala “.

108 Control and Dispatch Centre (CDC) is set-up in Technopark Park, Trivandrum City to handle all the emergency calls. 108 is a Toll-Free number which is accessible from any landline or mobile. All the 108 ambulances are equipped with GPS technology which enables the CDC to locate the ambulances in shortest possible time. The USP of the 108 service is that each ambulance has trained driver and paramedic available on board 24*7. And the most important fact is that this world class service is ABSOLUTELY FREE for people courtesy the Kerala Government.

To mark the 2nd year anniversary of 108 service in the state ZHL has LAUNCHED “Free First Aid Responder Training Workshops” to be held in schools / colleges across the state, to educate students about the basics of first aid in case of medical emergency. Sweta Mangal, CEO – ZHL said “We firmly believe that it’s not enough to just provide an Ambulance service. In any unfortunate event or medical emergency, in the minutes before an ambulance or medical help arrives, it is the person near the victim who has the power to help save his life. In most cases people want to help but do not know how to and might even complicate the situation further incorrectly/wrongly assisting the victim and our training program is aimed to ensure we educate people to be of assistance under such circumstances.”  Any school or college can contact Mr Harikumar on 0471-3068005 to organize a FREE workshop in Trivandrum and Alappuzha.

Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd. (ZHL) has currently more than 4800 people working tirelessly, day and night, to serve people in India. Since inception ZHL has served more than 16, 00,000 people across India.


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  1. This is one of the most fantastic remark about this 108 service. We proud of you team…life saving is the best service we can do for the are the angels…saved thousands of valuable lives, there are nothing to replace your service. thank you so much and god bless you all…

  2. The best service kerala had ever seen. Valuable effort…thanks technoparktoday to cover this story…hats off…

  3. The most useful service which is still running without any fall is Dial 108 Emergency. Hats off to the KEMP and ZHL for providing us this incomparable service, and thanks TechnoparkToday team for covering this.

  4. Thanks for the KEMP and ZHL for this wonderful service. you saved 50000 lives…omg…this is the project everyone can be taken as a role model. serving the society without failure. thanks a lot..and you are our heros. thanks technoparktoday for the news…