Sunday , 24 March 2019
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Jingle Bells Desi Version from Technopark

InApp – An innovative technology company from technopark released a very unique version of jingle bells during the xmas season 2018.

From the music composition, and the musicians to post-production, this entire music video was created by the inApp employees.

Credits goes to:
Jijo Lopez, Senior Media Designer – Electric Guitar
Ganesh V K, Senior Software Engineer – Chenda
Vinesh S, Software Engineer – Manjira
Reni V Stephen, Trainee – Business Development – Synth & Programming
Ashida E A, Software Engineer – Acoustic Guitar
Panchami Mohan, Programmer Trainee – Violin
Kavya K, Programmer Trainee – Violin
Ranjith Sankar A, Senior Software Engineer – Tabla
Anoop R J, Senior Software Engineer – Mridangam
Janardhan Kumar K, Principal Media Designer – Violin (Solo)
Joann Rachel Jacob, Programmer Trainee – Keyboard


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