Monday , 30 May 2016
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India’s First Vehicle-actuated Traffic Signal is up at Trivandrum

Country’s first vehicle-actuated Wireless Traffic Signal Controller (Wi-TraC) started functioning at Vellayambalam junction.   The camera in the system can detect vehicles and the intelligent transport system will change signals accordingly.   Four cameras have been installed on each arm of the Junction, and the fifth one in the centre.

Wi-TraC is a government-supported research project of C-DAC.  The project has the backing of Keltron.  Wi-TraC has many advantages over conventional traffic controllers in terms of functional features, energy efficiency and size.   It is small and pole-mountable, it does not occupy any space on the pavement.  It is a cost-effective solution since it won’t require digging, Hume pipes and armoured cables.  It has a GPS-enabled Real-time Clock (RTC) for distributed time-synchronisation.   The entire system works on solar power

Kerala Road Fund Board (KRFB) is installing Wi-TraC at Vellayambalam with technical support from Keltron and C-DAC.  Experts are now studying the working of Wi-TraC during the peak hours.

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  • saran

    Trivandrum is becoming the example for many things.

  • Mohandas

    Trivandrum rocks. Hats off Dr. Shashi Tharoor MP.

  • sagar

    still people should obey traffic rules.. to make it effective… - IT News, Events, Lifestyle, IT Jobs, Technopark, companies, people, Reviews, Trivandrum city news, trivandrum development updates, Trivandrum City Life, Trivandrum events, Trivandrum movies, etc