Monday , 23 July 2018
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Immini Balya Bomb Katha – A Techie Director’s Short Film On Keyboard Activists! There people around us know what goes around in the world, with least knowledge on the happenings next door, what is there around his home and premises. These people muster some courage and act at the spur of the moment. In reality, we would understand, rather than the war of words they are good at, they barely do anything to bring about a change or for the societal good.

Jophin Vargheese(director) and Mithunlal (Camera) with Siddique during the Youtube video launch

Techie director Jophin’s short film ‘Immini Balya Bomb Katha’ ( the big bomb story) says an overnight turn of events in the life of Pradeep P.K., a self-proclaimed social activist/commentator on Facebook. The trigger is a Facebook wall update. Our protagonist is blood thirsty, to avenge Ponnu Chami, the rapist. His mobile phone reverberates to an unknown call one night after putting up this post. From the other side is an offer to be a ‘human bomb’ and blow up the culprit the very next day. The next few seconds of this call yank the veil of the social media warrior, who is merely reduced to nothing. His attempt to escape is foiled by ‘Kerala Tigers’ stationed outside his home in the dead of the night. Still, he manages a way out, which takes the plot to more interesting turns and climax.

The fun does not end with the content. The scroll duly credits five names under the head of producers, for an investment of `6000! “We managed with things readily available to us. I had a camera. The producers are my friends. The ‘expensive’ part was with audio and background scoring, that too done by my friends at an affordable cost,” says Jophin ( )

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