Tuesday , 24 May 2016
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How to buy a Flat/Apartment in Trivandrum?

Trivandrum is stretching its boundries as a city in to the outskirts. Many builders are announced their projects near to the places where most of the developments are going to happen like nearby areas of Technopark, nearby Technocity, SEZ campuses ( Infosys, UST Global etc…).

Many builders including the very established builders as well as newcomers to the industry are announcing apartment projects, but there are many things you must be asking yourself before deciding on your dream home

first of all, you should evaluate the need of going for a flat, and your readiness to live in a flat and what kind of facilities you are looking for and what is your budget. Proximity with your workplace, schools, shops and super makets, bus stations & railway stations are important.

you can go and evaluate the builders, their previously completed projects, and the feedbacks of their existing customers etc… Imagine what happens if there is any issues your flat like the cracks on wall or floors and the water leakage or electrical or water problems? It is always better to go for a site visit during the construction time, knowing about the materials they are using. always ask for the approved building plans and other related documents.

Next thing is the loan availability, most of the people are relying on bank loans. most of the builders having some tieups with the banks,and check with the banks about the interest rates, pre-closure charges and other terms of the loan well before the purchase. consider the registration duty/tax/stamp duty some builders rates are inclusive of the registration charges, but some of them are not. you may have to pay additional for the parking space also.After buying the apartment also, you may have to spend a lots of money for its furnishing from kitchen to the drawing room.

You may get a good deal if you can prebook your flat, by do so, the builders will give you good rates and even discounts if you can pay them an advance.

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