Tuesday , 22 January 2019
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How a bird turned techie’s best friend -TechnoparkToday special

TechnoparkToday.com>>  You can find a whole lot of talented techies in Technopark, but someone who train and breed birds is very rare.  TechnoparkToday introduces a Techie, who trains lovebirds.  It is commonly said that love birds won’t socialise with humans.

Fayaz Majeed, a technopark employee, hailing from Trivandrum shares the story of his bonding with ‘Roben’ a 11-month old Budgerigar commonly known as lovebird.

“It was a summer morning I got a call from one of my friend who owns a pet shop.  He told me that he sold one big lovebirds’ cage to a customer with a small flock of Budgies (Lovebirds).  But he failed to notice a 4 days old baby budgie lying on the floor.  The customer also left the pet shop without noticing the baby bird.  He don’t know or never had experience raising a baby bird.

Fayas Majeed

As he knows my passion and love for pets, he called me. I took that cute baby lovebird and adopted him.  I searched in Google on how to raise a baby budgerigar.  I found a page called ‘Parrot Wizard’ written by Michael Sazhin from Texas, U.S who is a bird expert and has a Doctorate in Bird Life Science.

As per the instructions on that page, I have stared hand feeding my bird using a small size syringe with a small tube fitted on the nip.  It was a multigrain powder mix which I bought from a medical Shop that I fed for my tiny pet.  Days went on and I named him ‘Roben’.

In a very short span of time he started growing very well.  I loved him more than anything.

After 1 month he started to walk.  Then started walking towards me.  Whenever I return back to home from office, he used to make some beautiful sounds.  Days went on and after 2 months, he learned to fly but failed several times falling on the floor.  So I helped him by holding him in my hand whenever he falls down.  After some days, he started to fly all over my home like a happy bird.  Then he started flying towards me..!!

Now it’s the 11th month.  Now, he is a member of my family. He likes to spend much of the time with me and my family. He flies into his cage during the night.  The doors of his cage are always open.

       Roben- the lovebird

Now I realized, it was a myth believing that parakeets (parrot species) will never get socialized with humans.

Before concluding I would like to share a small message to my friends.  “Never shop pets…adopt them and bring them back to life….” Fayas said to Technoparktoday.com.

Fayas’s is also passionate about pisciculture and has a wide collection of ornamental fishes.




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