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Houseboat cruise in kerala

houseboat cruise in kerala

A Cruise along the palm fringed waterways of Kerala in a luxury houseboat or ketuvallom is the most enchanting holiday experience in India today.

In this world of simple pleasures, you’ll skim past ancient chinese fishing nets, water lillies, lush paddy fields, coir villages, rustic homes, temples and coconut groves. Innumerable lagoons, lakes, canals, estuaries, and te deltas of forty-four rivers make up the 900 km backwater network of Kerala.  The backwatrs mainly covers the four districts of the state – Kollam, Alleppey (alappuzha), Kottayam and Kochi ( Cochin ).

The largest backwater body, the Vembanad lake flows through Alleppey (Alappuzha) and Kottayam districts and opens out into the sea at the Kochi (Cochin) Port. The Ashtamudi Lake, the second largest backwater stretch, offers the longest ride and is considered the gateway to the backwaters.

Here we are giving a detailed directory of House boats and their rates ( subject to change), contact numbers and e-mail ids for easy access.

House boats directory ALAPPUZHA

  • A.K.Recreation& Leisure, Pallathuruthu Rs.6500-12000, Ph: 9447177566 vinod@akrl.com
  • Adithya Houseboats, M.O. Ward. Rs.5000-24500, Ph:9847038282
  • Aiswarya Business Kaniyamkulam Rs 4000-16000. Ph 2269892
  • Alappatt Cruise, Finishing Point. -Rs 3500-5500 Ph:9846896939. alappattcruises @yahoo.co.in
  • Alwin Tours Pallippad,Harippad, Rs 5600-9000-Ph:9495442534
  • Amritha Houseboat’s. , Rs. 6500-25000 Ph:9249389274, 9847862771 amrithaHouseboats@gmail.com
  • Angel Queen. , Rs. 4000-12000, Ph:9847504216
  • Anjali Tours &Travels, Finishing point, Rs.3500-5600, Ph:9847524910. anjalihb@gmail.com
  • Anjay Tours &Travels, Finishing point, Rs. 9000-15500. Ph:9847850314. anjaytours@yahoo.com
  • Aqua Holiday. Rs.5500-8500, Ph:9846117022, aquaholidays@ gmail.com
  • Aria Holidays &Resorts, Punnamada Rs 4500 -5500-, Ph-9846533030, Ariaholidays@ yahoo.com
  • BensHolidays. , Rs. 6500-9600, Ph:9847505578. diamondcap@gmail. com / bens_holidays@yahoo.com
  • Blue Float. Rs. 6000-12000, Ph: 9447804142, holiday@blueflot.com
  • Blue Lagoon Tours. , Rs. 5000-6500, Ph:9847075975. bluelagoon@bsnl.in
  • Blue lake, Finishig point . Rs 4000-18000 Ph:9495212190
  • Bay Pride, house Boat, Finishing Point. Rs:5000-18000, Ph:9895426992,Info@Baypridetours.com
  • Bon voyage, Near Boat Jetty. :Rs 5000-8000 Ph:9847310105. bonvoyages@sancharnet.in
  • Canal view tours&travels. , Rs.3000-5000, Ph: 9388686430, Canalviewboats@yahoo.co.in
  • Cheravally Ethiretu. , Rs. 3750-9000, Ph:9446855869. cheravallyhoouseboats@yahoo.com
  • Cherukara cruise, East of KSRTC Bus Station. , Rs.4000-5500.Ph:9947059628 cherukaranest@ gmail.com
  • Chackochi House Boats, Changanacherry, Rs.4000-10000. Ph:9447602220, bijuchry@gmail.com
  • Bright Water Cruise, Starting Point. , Rs:5500-9500, Ph: 9447010002. info@whitewatercruise.com
  • Coco Planet Tour & Co, Rajeev Jetty Road. , Rs.5000-6500, Ph:9847325026, cocoplanet@gmail.com
  • Cosy Tours, Finishing Point. ,Rs.5000-24000, Ph:9847102160, cosytours@yahoo.com
  • Crusier, Finishing Point, Rs.4000-10000. Ph: 9846032606. cruisor @rediffmail.com
  • Desire Cruises, Nettoor, Kochi. Rs.6000-12000. Ph:9387686210, info@ Desirecruises.com
  • Drem Cruizers, Kottayam. Rs. 4000-10000,Ph:9447704971
  • Explorers, Finishing point, Rs. 5000-14000, Ph: 9447209173, 0484-4000099, 3241345. explorersholidays@ gmail.com
  • Eden Home Tour, Church Road. . Rs.5000-7000, Ph:9847054232
  • Ever green, Finishing Point. . Rs.4500-20000. Ph: 9846046550, vergreentour@ yahoo.com
  • Flemingo Crusie. . Rs.9000-13500, Ph:9961473609 info@flamingohouseboats.com
  • Far Horizon Tours (p) Ltd, Kadavanthara & Thottappalli, Rs.15500-60,000. Ph:0484-6584074. Kochi@ farhorizonIndia.com
  • Gods Own Tourism, Chungam Ward. , Rs.3000-25000. Ph:9447260371
  • Gokul Cruise. , Rs:4500-6500, Ph: 9847744000, gokulcruise1@rediffmail.com
  • Gold river, Rs 9000-12000. Ph:9447143826
  • Gourikrishna tours, Near Rajeev Jetty. , Rs.5500-12000. Ph: 9846188438,gourikrishnatours@ yahoo.co.in
  • Good will Tours & Resorts, Canal ward. . Rs. 4500-12000 Ph:9446005515 info@ goodwilltr.com
  • Grace Tours, Rs.4000-19000 Ph: 9349830909 0477-2615230.mail@gracetourskerala.com
  • Granma Tours. , Rs.5000-8000, Ph:9447249685, granmatours@yahoo.com
  • Greenlakes Cruise. , Rs.3250-22000. Ph:9447909414. greenlakes@rediffmail.com info@greenlakescruise.com
  • Green River Voyages, Chungam. , Rs.5500-15000. Ph:9447015722 info@lakepalaceresort.com
  • Green Waves, kanjippadam. Rs. 5000 -13500.Ph: 9447125715, mail@ greenpalaceKerala.com
  • Guardian Tours & Travels, Rs5500-12000, Ph:9847067100. guardianhouseboats@yahoo.co.in
  • Heritage Tour Kerala, Rs:7500-11000. Ph: 9847044066
  • Holiday Home, Rs:4000-13500. Ph:9744860123.enquiry@keralaholidayhome.com
  • J&B White Orchide, Thottuvathala, Kainakary Rs:5000-10000 Ph:9847099963
  • K.T.C, West of KSRTC Bustation, Rs.4000-5000. Ph:2254275, ktchouse@yahoo.co.in
  • Kandathil tours & Travels, Thathampally. P.O., Rs.7000- 20000 Ph:9947396744, kandathiltours@yahoo.com
  • Kerala Guru Tourism, Finishing Point, Rs.5000-10000, Ph:9847902879 mail@keralagurutour.com
  • Kerala Mayers, Finishning Point. Rs.6000-7500. Ph:0478 2810234, keralamayers@yahoo.com
  • Kerala Tours, Rs.4700-18500, Ph: 9847040200/ 9446354440, keralatours@yahoo.com
  • Kearla Trails, Rs.5000-25000, Ph:2238145/9847300003 info@keralatrails.com
  • Kiliroor House Boat, Punnamada,Rs.7000-20000, Ph:9447896959 josephkiliroor@yahoo.co.in
  • Lake Pearl, Vellakinar. Rs.4000-9500, Ph: 2262950, 9895136620. lakepearl houseboats@gmail.com
  • Lake & Zphyr Cruise, Rs.15000-18000.Ph:9447618353/9846618353 info@keralalakezephyr.com
  • Lake Palace, Chungam, Rs. 20000-25000. Ph:9446539704, 0477-2230004. info@lakepalaceresort.com
  • Leisure De Holidays, Finishing point, Rs:5000-14000. Ph:9447399451. mail@leisuredeholidays.com
  • Love dale, Punnamada. Rs.3500-5500, Ph: 2244185/ 9846064222
  • Manikyam Boating Group, Rs.3500-25000. Ph: 9496158008, 9447902459. dineshalleppey@sify.com.
  • Malikayil House Boats, Opp. KSRTC Bus Station, Rs:5500-9600, Ph: 9846138420. malikayilholidays@yahoo.com
  • MayoorCruise, Pallathuruthy. Rs.3000-10000. Ph:9847122489.mayoora_alleppey@yahoo.com
  • Milky Way Tours, Rs.4500-7500. Ph:9847083679.jacobmilky@ yahoo.com
  • Moonlight Cruise. Rs,4500-12000. Ph:9446037561. info.moonlightcruises@gmail.com.
  • New Western Tour, Rs.4500-6000, Ph:9447659029
  • Pakken Holidays, Pallathurthi Rs.4500- 24400, Ph:3241748, 9048003239. pakkenholidays@yahoo.co.inaPalm
  • Verde Tours, Punnamada Jetty, Rs.16000-25000, Ph:9744175544 /9946353366. mail@palmaverdetours.com
  • Penta green Hotels, Finishing Point & Kumarakom. Rs.5500-16000, Ph: 9847156166 pentagreentours@gmail.com
  • Pickadly House Boat, Rs.4000-13000, Ph:9446171094. pickadlyhouseboats@yahoo.co.in
  • Pournami Tours, Finishing point, Rs.5500-15000, Ph:9447776841-9847588880. purnamitours@gmail.com
  • Pulikkattil House Boats, Finishing Point, Punnamada. Rs.4000-15000, Ph: 9447044790. pulickattil@gmail .com
  • Puthussery Travels, Jetty Road. Rs. 4500-13500, Ph:9447104146. puthussery travels@yahoo .co.in
  • Punnamada House Boats, Punnamada. Rs.13000-22000, Ph:9447133691. mail@punnamada .com
  • Rainbow Cruises, Rs.8000-22000. Ph: 98470 39399 info@rainbowcruises.in
  • Raj Cruises, Near KSRTC Bus Station, Rs.4000-8500, Ph:9895114885. rajcruises@ yahoo.com
  • Reverine Cruise, Church Road. Rs.5500-20000, Ph:9447776421. reverinecruises @gmail.com
  • Real Dreams, Rs.4500-7500, Ph: 9447145947 realdreamskerala@yahoo.com
  • Ripples Land Holidays, Rs.5000-7500, Ph: 9447480726. ripplesland@yahoo.com
  • River Homes, Opp. KSRTC Bus Station, Rs.5000-10000, Ph: 9847048680 riverhomes @gmail.com
  • Saj Holidays, Boat Jetty Road, Kollam, Rs.7000- 17000 (20% extra @Season) Ph: 9947023333, sajholidays@gmail.com
  • Sandra House Boats, Rs.5000-9500, Ph:9447135249. info@sandrahouseboats.com
  • See Kerala,Rs.3750-6000, Ph:9847081198 seekerala@sify.com
  • Sightseer, Rs:4500-6000, Ph:9447971222 antonykannadan@ gmail.com
  • Silverline Cruise, Punnamada, Rs. 5500-8000, Ph: 9895711840. info@silverlinewatercruise.com
  • Soma House Boats, Finishing Point, Rs:4000-6100, Ph:9447686870 mail@somahouseboats.com
  • St. Thomas House boat, Rs.5500-8000, Ph:9447258050
  • Starline Cruise, Finishing Point, Rs.5500- 12000, Ph: 9847744274
  • S.N Travels, CCNB Road, Rs.5000-18000, Ph:9847068678
  • Teresa Holidays, Rs.5500-19000, Ph: 98465 66766, info@teresaholidays.com
  • Tharavadu Holidays, Finishing point. Rs.5500-15000, Ph:9846144599. alleppeytharavad@gmail.com
  • Tide n Ride, Rs.4000-13500, Ph: 99470 99472. tidenride@yahoo.com
  • Travancore Holidays, Rs: 5500-9000.Ph: 9447274728 info@travancoreholidays.com
  • Triveni House Boats, Rs.4000 -9000, Ph:9446074272
  • Ushus House Boats, Finishing point. Rs:3500 -6000, Ph:9895605806. ushushouseboat@ yahoo.com.
  • Venugeetham House Boat, Rs: 5500-9500, Ph: 9947492900. chittadytours@gmail.com
  • Welcome Cruise, Near KSRTC Bus Station. Rs. 7500-16000. Ph:98460 30018 info@welcomecruise.com
  • White Water, Finishing point. Rs.7000-15000, Ph:9447112255. info@whitewatercruise.com
  • You And nature Tour, Rs.3500-20000, Ph:9447763540. youandnature@yahoo.co.in

House boats directory KUMARAKOM

  • Vellappally House Boat, Rs.15000, Ph: 9447156238/ 9447056240.
  • Anand Lake Cruise, Rs.4000-15000, Ph: 9447150509
  • Arayil Lake Cruise, Rs.5500-8000, Ph: 9947370771. arayilcruise@hotmail .com
  • Adithyan House Boats Rs.4000-8500, Ph:9846625566
  • Betheleham House Boat Rs.6750-12000, Ph: 0481 3291318 info@bethelehemhouseboats.com
  • Deshavatharam Rs.10000-15000, Ph:9249497111
  • Ganga House Boat Rs.16000, Ph:09947084167 gangahouseboat@hotmail.com
  • Kailasam Floating Castle, Rs.5000-12000, Ph: 9947448112
  • Kanana Vasan Holidays, Rs:5000-8000, Ph:9249428138
  • Karippuram House Boat, Rs.4500-18000, Ph:9447125661 karippuramhouseboat@yahoo.co.in
  • Kasinathan House boats, Rs.7000-12000, Ph:9895288278
  • Kovilakom Holidays, Rs. 8000-20000, Ph:9745575656
  • Kumarakom Nest Holidays, Rs:5000-20000, Ph: 97452 30344
  • Lakeshore Palace, Rs,5500-6000, Ph:9745117922. info@lakeshorepalace.in
  • Lekshmi holidays, Rs.4500-5000, Ph:9447806244
  • Nandanam House Boat, Rs.5500-9000, Ph:9846864864. info@nandanamholidays.com
  • Panjajanyam House Boat, Rs.6000-12000, Ph:9746400505
  • Rajadhani Holidays, Rs.5000-7000, Ph:9895041664. rajadhanihouseboat@yahoo.co.in
  • River n Lake Backwater, Rs.4500-17500, Ph: 9846184654 sojikumarakom@ yahoo.com
  • Residency Tours, Rs.5000-8000, Ph:9847173452
  • Royal star House Boat, Rs.5500-12000, Ph:9847098469
  • Sharavanam Holidays, Rs.5000-7000, Ph: 9995367317
  • Sivaganga Holidays, Rs.4000-20000, Ph:9447136182
  • Sivam Holidays, Rs.4500-8500, Ph: 9895511381.
  • St.Crispin, Rs:-5000-12000, Ph:9495333849.
  • St.Dominic, Rs.8500-18000, Ph:98951 15202. jochanhouseboat@rediffmail.com
  • Summer Breeze, Valathattu, Rs.5000-12000, Ph:9447658634
  • Vadakkanappan Holidays, Rs.9000-22000, Ph:9947337478
  • Vimala House boat Service, Rs.5000-20000, Ph:9249455484
  • Whispering Waves, Rs.4750-33000, Ph: 9847116277, 9995296769


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  • http://www.easy2resolve.com Arun

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