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Hooliganism in Technopark – Attacked & Destroyed Restaurant Owned by Techies!


TechnoparkToday.com (Dec, 2013) >  We published the news about surprise termination of Techies owned restaurant ‘Danbauk’ by the middle man contractor of Leela food court  in Technopark  ( News: http://www.technoparktoday.com/technopak-restaurant-danbauk-surprise-termination-notice/) .

The techie resturant owners approached the court and the District Court has passed an interim order to reinstate Danbauk. Also a mass petition by technopark employees form various companies  was submitted to the Honorable Chief Minister of Kerala as well as the Minister for Industries & IT. The court order was given in favor of Danbauk as the court was convinced that all the accusations raised against them were false. Based on the court decision  they decided to restarting services at Leela Food court at the earliest.

On 28th of November 2013, the court order was served to the respondents directly by the district court messenger. The restaurant owners submitted a copy of the order at Kazhakuttom police station as well. The sub-inspector of police called them for a meeting on 29th morning at 10. On 29th morning while they were at the police station, The Danbauk food counter at Leela Infopark  was destroyed by the sub-licensor with the help of security manager at Leela Infopark. This was done intentionally to make sure that the Danbauk may not be able to do business even if they have a valid court order.

The sign boards, logo stickers, menu stand etc were destroyed.They robbed all serving plates, utensils everything and dumped them into another room nearby and locked it. The owners showed the room to the police, but couldn’t open since it was locked.

“This guy has influenced the police as well. Hence the reaction from the police was also not good. They were not even willing to file an FIR against this act. We then had to report this incident to the Rural SP Shri. Thomas Kutty, who then gave instructions to Kazhakuttom Police Station to file the FIR. Though the FIR was registered (against Mr. Joy( The middleman contractor of Leela Food court, Technopark) , Mr. Udayan( Security Manager in charge, Leela Infopark, Technopark), Ms. Sridevi – for sections 427, 188, 34 ipc) we haven’t got a copy (which they are supposed to give) yet. My partner awaited at the police station long hours for this. This drag/slow attitude from the police gives the culprits enough time to find ways to escape. However I guess this is how things are done in our state.” – The Danbauk owners said to TechnoparkToday

The middlemen people in Technopark is making several such offenses and problems for the business owners and employees in Technopark. ( Remember the Tejaswini food court middle men incident, and finally technopark struggled a lot to kick him out from the technopark, and now the foodcourt is directly running by Technopark.)

Such incidents only results lost of faith in the Judiciary as well as the law and order system prevailing here. Such criminals are given immense backup and protection while law obeying people like the techie restaurant owners are destroyed.  So It’s high time to such criminals be evicted from Technopark Campus.

Techies, please let us know your comments about this incident below this page.


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  1. This is not accetable in a place like Technopark. Kick out that criminal middle man from Technopark. Hope technopark authorities and Leela infopark authorities will take necessary action against the middle man and the security person destroyed the restaurant. We the techies in technopark DONOT want any such criminals to be in Technopark.

  2. Horrific..!! What a pathetic situation. It is technopark and said to be the high security area..!!! Techies in the leela building should strike the entire food court.

  3. Why these middlemen and agents exists in technopark? that person is notorious it seems, so please take necessery actions against him. and techies should be stay together to put an end for such goondayisam in technopark. Danbauk is something which techies needed. and we don’t need any brokers or middlemen to run any of the facilities there.

  4. This should never happen in a place like Technopark..Very unfortunate!

  5. Goondayisam is already reported in the same Leela food court earlier. how dare such a middle man to threaten the people doing business there? how can we make sure that such criminals won’t be turn to the techies in coming days? the security guy did something terribly wrong. he along with the people who supported to destroy the restaurant should be kick out from technopark. techies should take a strong standpoint about this issue, because it a big threat for all of us in technopark.

  6. A scandalous expose

  7. Dear Techies,
    This is definitely an issue and the culprits should be given a lesson. As per my opinion all you techies are currently leading an atomic life, instead of that take part in social issues and work out for social causes and reforms. There are many organizations that are currently working for it. SO in any time if you have any issue your organization will not let you fail. Believe in me that’s true, if you are played a good role in the organization. Also being single you cant get anything from anywhere, only bank account can be hiked. Sometimes it may not help you.

    Be United, Fight United.

  8. Rather than speaking in such forums, these have to be taken care by some sort of legal activities ma be afile logger which should be looked into by the government on a regular basis (mabe a month or two) continuously. Afterall Technopark is the face of the next generation and employment that Government should count into. But not sure how it could be made legal. Maybe some advocates can help in this along with Police high officials and the Government.

  9. Based on Danbauk’s complaint there will be a police enquiry at the Leela Food court today (Monday 2nd Dec). The culprit Joy (the middle man), therefore has declared today a holiday for the food court so that when police comes no witnesses are present there. He has given strict instructions to the security to block all the people who where witnesses while He and Mr. Udayan (the security officer) did the damages.

    The saddening part is that, Mr. Joy is well informed by the police that they will come for an enquiry
    tomorrow. However Danbauk, the petitioners are still not informed. We happened to know about this via another counter owner who was instructed by Mr. Joy to remain closed tomorrow.

    There are even chances that these people may use this day to destroy the counter completely leaving no evidence that even such a food counter existed.

  10. Sreejith Sugathan

    Amazing…the best way to take him down is to stop going to Leela Food Court. Please guys, lets just do our bit to stop these scoundrels by not entering the food court…

  11. Its a common concept among people that – anyone can do any injustice to the IT people, because nobody will even question that. because they are not united, they don’t have any representation, no political parties or association will question such acts. so police and politicians won’t do any favour to the IT people. if you have any doubts, please go to the nearest police station, and see their attitude towards the people working in Technopark. guys this is the very high time to think seriously about it.

  12. This the way how our police act these days, I too had a similar experience from a Sub Inspector he said to me he is not ready to file an FIR for my complaint. If you have money and a BMW car you will get a warm welcome in police station else its according to your fate 😉
    We must act united against this culprits, we must help others for their well being so one day we will get it back.

  13. Strike the entire food court until they kick him out..!! Its the only way..

  14. This is the reason why no major MNCs are coming to technopark or kerala. There are many middle men or brokers who display their goondayism for getting money. They want to get their share of money no matter whatever happens.
    And these people directly affect the revenues of the business men and house owners here.

  15. Danbauk Owner held captive in lift elevator by Leela Building Authorities and rescued by Techies caught on camera – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vgofyAS0c8

  16. Sreejith Sugathan

    Can this be taken to the media? Its such a disgrace and inhuman act…is this how budding entrepreneurs be treated?

  17. Yeah. It need to be taken forward. Do you know how?

  18. Sreejith Sugathan

    If we can collate the articles and prepare a write up on this and email the media with the video link…

    Mathrubhumi – [email protected]
    Asianet – [email protected]

    lemme see if I can prepare one…

  19. This is height of injustice, on what basis this security guy is not allowing the business owner to go to his outlet? does technopark is ruled by Goons? The business owner have a valid court order to visit his business outlet, and continue his business. by blocking him this security person is violating the court order and the law in our nation. so what to do on this?

  20. Let’s inform this news to every media including television channels, newspapers and other media. friends, let’s join hand to fight aginst the injustice towards one among us. Danbauk owners are techies – We should show our unity and strength now!

  21. Cerlin Jayawardhane

    Shameful it is! People should realize the fact that Customers are the lungs for existence to these vendors and middlemen. What will they do if we decide to stop having food from here.This discussion shouldn’t remain only in words. Spread the fire and start campaigning “SAY NO TO LEELA FOODCOURT”

  22. http://youtu.be/eKlBX_XHI5A Coverage on reporter Channel

  23. What is the current status of this issue?

  24. we still don’t know the whole story .Its fair to know Joy’s version as well . I am sure no food court owner will be insane to kick out a revenue generating unit unless somthing is fishy . Lets not drag these thing to a forum like this

  25. we still don’t know the whole story .Its fair to know Joy’s version as well . I am sure no food court owner will be insane to kick out a revenue generating unit unless somthing is fishy . Lets not drag these thing to a forum like this

  26. Still the same. They won’t let us in. The court order remains just on a piece of paper. The judiciary can issue orders. Its the duty of the police to execute it. However as long as your opponents have power and money justice will be denied. The issue has been referred to the court again. The court has setup a mediator to conduct talks and sort out the issues. 2 rounds of mediation talks are over. Third is going to happen on the 11th. Will keep you posted.

  27. Koyamon – Pick any random employee who works in any company @ Leela Infopark. They will tell you the truth. Coz its no longer a hidden conspiracy. Most of them have witnessed what has happened so far.

  28. I still would like to hear from Joy . No story is complete without both the sides are told

  29. This is a case of personal or business issues. Just because it happens inside Techno park its not against any techies there .The whole story is made out to looks like the food court owner is a guy who is an anti techie . He is giving business opportunity for other enterprises there and feeding 100 of people every day . This whole story is a well orchestrated propaganda. Thats all