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High Time to Harvest Rainwater in Technopark Campus

ranwater cover>> May 9, 2014: Technopark authorities are taking much efforts laying down and beautification of roads on campus. and technopark roads are one among the best roads in our state, and the sincere efforts of authorities made the campus beautiful and green. But it looks like they do not pay attention about rain water running on the road. In the last couple of days we have seen heavy rains flooding the road making it difficult for the pedestrians to commute.

rain1The rain water starts flowing from the front side of Thejaswini building through the road towards TCS building and then down towards Nila. As we go from Thejaswini to Nila by road, the water that flows through the right side crosses the road just before the turnaround to Nila flooding the road. When reaches the junction after IBS, this water floods the road completely. Some amount of water is still remaining on the road as it has nowhere to go.

Also stagnant water is present near the hump of the front gate of technopark which will damage the road and cause further traffic congestion as rainy season starts. Roads will not survive the rainy season if nature is not respected.

Same is the case with the road that goes in front of Chandragiri building.

rain4At this time, It would be really great, if authorities ensure that proper storm water collection is done on the roads . This will ensure roads last longer and the pedestrians are not splashed with rain water while vehicles pass by.

If required, new gutters should be built so that water doesn’t flow through the roads and it can be connected to the stream that passes by near the campus front gate.

Reported By: Sumal Sivan


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  1. The flood will spoil the newly constructed roads in the campus. A proper drainage and collecting system should be made here..