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Harthal on 2nd April 2018: Timing of Convoy for Techies, 2018): General strike on 2nd April 2018: Timing of Convoy for Techie. As usual there will be a convoy with police protection for the techies travelling to/from Technopark on that day, The Convoy will start sharply at 7 A.M and please go through the below details

Convoy towards Phase II and Phase III campuses

All the vehicles and employees coming via Sreekariyam-Karyavattom, Attingal side and moving towards Phase II and Phase III campuses have to assemble in front of Thejaswini building once the convoys end at Technopark (except the convoy starting from Poojappura). The convoy towards Phase II campus will start sharply at 8 a.m.
Contact person: Mr.Asoka Kumar Mobile No.9544703330

Please ensure your vehicles/contractors’ vehicles to reach the locations before 7 A.M. We plan to start from the locations at 7 A.M and pass through the routes mentioned above at intervals of 5 to 10 minutes depending on the distance.

Convoy from Phase III campus

One convoy for vehicles and employees moving towards Sreekariyam-Karyavattom and Attingal side will start at 4.40 P.M from Phase 3 campus to Technopark Phase I campus, assembly area is in front of Ganga building. Employees joining convoy towards Poojappura side will have to assemble in front of Toyota showroom.
Contact person: Mr.Vijayan B, Mobile No.9544703330


In addition to the above, we are arranging one convoy starting from East Fort to Technopark at 7 P.M for employees working in night shift


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