Monday , 30 May 2016
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Harthal in Kerala Today!

CPI-M led ruling LDF in Kerala today called a state-wide 12-hour hartal tomorrow to protest the Centre’s decision tohike price of petroleum products.
The hartal would be between six in the morning to six in the evening, LDF Convener Vaikom Visam said.
Many interviews and exams which scheduled for today are cancelled due to this harthal in a very short notice.
Readers, please share your thoughts about the harthals and bandhs here…

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  • stephen

    is there any use of this hartal ? will the govt heed ears to this ? obsoletely NO NO NO….

    its totally a waste… only poor ppl are getting affected due to this..

  • kashtam

    kashtam! bayankara kashtam! why didn’t they protest the Milma hike?

  • Pamman

    Our people wont learn any lesson.

  • PraVeeN

    Did’nt you guys know the prices of all oils reduced up to Rs. 10/- because of this Hartal? lol!

    The results were well known and all were just political plays. It is high time to change the style of strikes. Thank God it was at least a saturday so many people saved their salary.

  • hilal

    These SOB’s are just making our life miserable. Say big NO to political cowards and their sponsored harthal

  • Anti Harthal

    Is there any Poll-site to vote against Harthal, So that the political leaders will see the people’s anger against Harthal ?

  • Joseph

    Milk is supplied by poor and struggling milk farmers and oil is exploited from nature by big corporates but some people are thinking both are same. really pathetic!!

  • Harthal Virodhi

    Harthal is the most useless weapon ever used
    against a cause – except to make the life of
    public who voted the politions to power.

  • Harthal Anubavi

    Harthals are nature’s own deffence against the ruthless and mindless exploitation of the man on Earth. In a precious Harthal day we are saving our air from polluting with carbon dioxide, The horrible plundering of earthly resources atleaset late for one day. Hault for one day for the man’s stupid vanity and show offs. There is nothing bad, everything should be there to balance the natural flow of earth. For rich people It is a huge loss for them as they are here to enjoy enjoy their life for each and every seconds but for the poor it is nothing, all same day with an empty stomach.

  • Alagar

    These repeated hartals doesn’t make things any better except disrupting the life of ordinary people. This is high time to stop hartals and start thinking of another way of protest! - IT News, Events, Lifestyle, IT Jobs, Technopark, companies, people, Reviews, Trivandrum city news, trivandrum development updates, Trivandrum City Life, Trivandrum events, Trivandrum movies, etc