Thursday , 17 April 2014
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How to Handle Attitude Issues At Work??

TechnoparkToday: Attitude issues when not noticed are sure to take a toll on the team and the individual. Corporate world revolves around stringent timelines and stress associated with it. With all this identifying attitude issues becomes a challenge. When such issues don’t get redressed the quality of team, deliveries and individual productivity are at stake.

There is a usual myth which says co-workers with such issues make everyday work turmoil. But the fact is otherwise. When supported and guided even such co-workers become best-to-work-with folks. All this requires an extra pinch of time and an extra dose of care.

Some common attitude concerns and ways to resolve are listed here not just for budding managers but for all those who wish to make a difference in else one’s life.

Complaining-geek – This is the guy who is always restless about the way in which the show is run. Just give him an extra piece of responsibility.  His positive vibes will influence him and the team.

Occasional-visitor – This is the one who calls in very frequently to communicate his absence. He may be unhappy with the co-workers or the work itself. Also, maybe he is really sick which demands him off the office very often. With him a patient dialogue process will surely work wonders.

Hard(ly)-worker This one has always prioritized work the least and rest of the personal fun the most.  Just bring down the timelines and keep appreciating every single on-time delivery. Slowly educate the need to stay competitive and focused in workplace. Over a period of time this hard(ly) worker will be an asset.

I-know-it-all He is the one who walks around assuming there is nothing more left for him to learn. He can be handled easily by being ignorant. Just give sometime and he will create his own trap. Later help him come out of it with ease and pride. A new learner is ready !

Stiff-as-rod This one is never going to be adaptable. He will want a lot of specifics – desk to work, shifts to step in, team to work with etc. Correcting such an attitude is very vital. If left unnoticed conflicts are sure to creep in. The easy way to do it is by showing him how to be and how not to be. When he witnesses someone at a sacrificing end he will surely change.

Beyond all this there are many more attitude issues. But one of the above solutions would fit in right. Such issues have to be nipped at bud else correcting them becomes difficult to impossible.

Let us partner in creating a better workplace for ourselves and others !!!

Author : GM

  • Sherin

    Excellent article..and nice observations…i can relate many people in my team in the said categories…a must read…

  • haneefa

    very true…good article.

  • Sanish

    good article…yes, the attitude issues makes many issues in teams. proactive steps to resolve any attitude issues is the responsibility of manager.

  • ajithkumar

    very good article. well written…

  • simi

    yes true

  • simi


  • Prem

    Pls someone let us know hw to handle Mallus attitude. :P

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