Friday , 25 May 2018
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Google to launch ‘Google Circle’

The world’s largest search engine Google, which has so far not tasted success in the social networking domain, plans to launch Google Circles, which is expected to give head on competition to sites such as Facebook.
If reports are to be believed, Google will launch its new social networking site Google Circles by May 2011. The site, which has already been labeled as a Facebook killer, will allow its users to share its content with the users of other social networking sites, and customize the kind of content they want to broadcast.
The user would have multiple circles classified into “Immediate Family,” “Extended Family,” “Co-Workers,” “Best Friends,” “Old Friends” so on and so forth. As per the broadcast settings set by the user, the user can designate everything he/she posts according to which circle sees it.
Although Google strongly denies it, the company claims that its strategy is to simply inject more social features into it and eventually more Google products.  The features that are expected to be included are pictures, videos, and status updates – but with greater privacy options.  Let’s wait and see.

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  1. If I”m not wrong you are talking about Google+ and which is launched by google and can’t bit Facebook in social network. I think google have to concentrate on other services rather then social networking.