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Frontend Workflow Redefined: [email protected] 20th Edition on January 7, 2015

Got a question or a solution, want to speak or listen? See you at Floor of Madness!>> [email protected] DBG, the interactive session for tech enthusiasts, has announced its next gathering on 7th of January, 2015. The monthly event organised by Digital Brand Group (DBG) is a platform for technical enthusiasts to share and gain information on the latest in technology.

This gathering is a Rendezvous of enthusiasts from various companies in Technopark where  they discuss and share knowledge over a cup of Coffee at DBG’s ‘Floor of Madness’.  [email protected] encourages entrepreneurs, developers, and others organise real world informal hangouts to chat, network  and sharper their technical know how.

Frontend Workflow Redefined

The New Year edition would feature open forum on ‘Frontend Workflow Redefined’. Mr. Praveen Vijayan (Front End TeamLead) from Flip Media will lead the discussions. Mobile app developers, web app developers, UI interface specialists, HTML specialists and all tech enthusiasts can be part of the session. A basic understanding of HTML, CSS & Javascript would be an advantage.

Date & Place:  Jan 7, 2015 – 5 p.m. at Floor of madness DBG.

Speaker: Praveen Vijayan

As a front-end developer, Praveen Vijayan has 8+ years of experience in developing and implementing clean, semantic & tidy traditional and dynamic websites, mobile sites/App, interface designs across a wide range of industry sectors and for leading international brands, using state of the art technologies. He is passionate about art and technology, and also an avid contributor to the open source projects.

Registration is free but seats are limited. Click HERE to register online.



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