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Fee for Open Space Parking in Technopark Campus

parking tpt>> March 28, 2014: Technopark authorities decided to charge a monthly fee of Rs. 500 for cars parking inside Technopark campus even in the open space. The rent for the covered car parking will be Rs. 1000, which was Rs. 500 to 750 earlier.

It will generate revenue of around Rs. 30 Lakhs per month as about 6000 cars of techies being parked daily in Technopark.

In addition to the revenue generation, this move may encourage Techies to use public transportation and carpooling; however, this initiative is likely to invite protest from Techies.

The revised rates will be effective from April 1, 2014.


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  1. very nice posting regarding the real estate ,we are providing new villas for sale hereVillas in Hyderabad

  2. I think technopark is under severe financial stress to take up any investment

  3. Technopark should first think why people are not opting for Public Transport.
    The unavailability, rush, timing, etc.

    1. TP should work with GTech or Group of companies and find the office timings and locations from which people generally comes in.
    2. Make transport routes so that it can cover those areas and timings.
    3. Plan for more bus at rush hours and hourly or half hourly trips to some locations/routes.
    4. Submit to the route plan to KSRTC and check if it is feasible for them to run that similar to what their counterpart is doing in Bangalore.
    5. Bus should Start and End their trips in Technopark. (no like bus will go to attingal and kovalam via tp). Then it will be rush and again their will be less takers for it.
    6. If they cannot take, check with Private Bus operators.
    7. Fix rates with the option of Monthly Pass and option to buy ticket from bus.
    8. Let the companies providing transport give subsidy to its employees depending upon its transport policy.

    This will help people to get multiple options to reach office and leave.
    Then they will start using Public transport.

  4. open parking space should be provided with out any fee. techies can’t always go for public transportation system. car pooling is also not practical always, because each of them are going in different time. so please re-consider this decision in favor of techies.

  5. VoiceOf Techies

    The decision has been withdrawn.
    Technopark Management team responded
    “This decision has been withdrawn for the time being since it was taken in haste and without giving sufficient notice.
    With best wishes to all.
    M Vasudevan”

    Thanks to all who signed the petition. And thanks to technopark management team for revising the decision.

  6. Ananthu Krishnan

    great work.

  7. good job….