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Fee for Open Space Parking in Technopark Campus

parking tpt>> March 28, 2014: Technopark authorities decided to charge a monthly fee of Rs. 500 for cars parking inside Technopark campus even in the open space. The rent for the covered car parking will be Rs. 1000, which was Rs. 500 to 750 earlier.

It will generate revenue of around Rs. 30 Lakhs per month as about 6000 cars of techies being parked daily in Technopark.

In addition to the revenue generation, this move may encourage Techies to use public transportation and carpooling; however, this initiative is likely to invite protest from Techies.

The revised rates will be effective from April 1, 2014.


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  1. There’s no guaranteed parking space. How they can charge without assuring you a spot?

  2. very soon they may even charge for walking inside technopark

  3. Very bad initiative by TP authorities.. We have to protest for this…

  4. even there is no volvo service after 8 PM. So how can the people go to home ? Is the TP officials a bunch of jokers

  5. Fellow techies, we should protest this. Don’t pay even a rupee.. enough is enough!!

  6. yes… we need to protest against this

  7. @disqus_CiiV5vlbYv:disqus And @Rockr:disqus : – Correct Stephen Ji and Sarat Ji.
    It is very bad… Bad Facilities… but they need money for everything… very pity…

  8. Living cost is very high
    the government nor the authorities are not doing any thing to stop this. They
    just change their mind every now and then and make money from the common man.
    The authorities and the government are corrupt
    and doing nothing for the common man. They are blood sucking peoples. Please
    vote for the corruption free party which you think is the best.

  9. what alternative is TP proposing?

  10. please share this to as much as we can and get their opinion here..

  11. Prathidwani was demanding technopark express circular route.. covered in TPT below.
    But to deaf ears

  12. If they are really going to do this. They should make Technopark express service in every 10 minutes.

  13. Stop looting employees.

  14. Why don’t they build a multi-level parking lot and then charge for using it. It will increase the available parking space and bring in revenue.

  15. we should definitely protest against sorts of inhuman acts

  16. This is not at all acceptable. They are not assuring a allotted parking space, no protection for the parked vehicles, not enough securities to guide/organize the parking.

    Even there is no proper transportation facilities for the techies to commute. No pre-paid auto facility.

    I am sure, soon they will implement a entry pass/toll system for two wheeler vehicles as well.

  17. It is too much, as days go by the technopark administration becoming worse…

  18. This is not a bad initiative provided…

    1) there is designated space for every car that comes in.
    2) the parking lots are maintained properly with quality roads(atleast with gutters to prevent rainwater during the imminent monsoons), lights, enough security personals etc. More often i get a roller coaster experience as i maneuver towards an empty slot outside -4 tejaswini and my car often pays the price when the bottom hits the ground. 🙂
    3) there is an efficient replacement strategy in picture if the so called car owners decides to commute using public transport. This may assured and frequent bus services(Volvo or privately funded), auto-taxi services etc.
    4) if some part of the money collected is made to improve the cleanliness and sanitation of TP in general. Going to -4 Tejaswini to get my car is usually with my both nose tightly closed. The stench is extreme. Pity for those securities who gets to work there. 🙁
    5) If they decide to make the life of security people out in the open easier with proper seating, fans, shades etc
    Just a try to be optimistic here. 🙂

  19. This revenue generating initiative is so low that it hits below the belt. This is probably just as great an idea as it was to install an extra side middle berth seat with the Indian Railways. Try some innovation that does not p!$$ off thousands of people.

  20. So guys how are v planning to raise our voice against this so that the officials should put an end to this move ?

  21. We have to protest. First, TP authorities should provide proper services like security for women employees, proper lighting, good roads, good food outlets, etc.

  22. Dear friends, we have to raise our protest. They are staring it for Rs. 500 + tax, after two years it will 1000 plus tax. Why should we waste our hard earned money. As my protest, I will never pay a single paise for parking inside technopark. All should do like this, dont pay the money.

  23. More revenue generation ideas:

    Front & Back gates entry fee for employees : Rs.150 per day
    Entry fee to all buildings for employees : Rs.100 per building
    Using the common toilets at buildings: Rs.10 per session
    Road tax for roads inside the park: Rs.20 per day
    Bus stop rental for employees: Rs.50 per day

    Calculating for the existing 40,000 employees:
    40,000 x (150+100+20+20+50) = Rs. 1,36,00,000 per day.

    For one month of 20 working days:
    20 x 1,36,00,000 = Rs. 27,20,00,000 per month.

    For a rough math, consider 70% of employees are always active:
    Rs. 27,20,00,000 x 75% = Rs. 20,40,00,000 per month avg.

    That’s a whopping 20 crore rupees per month!

    Isn’t that a better idea than this?

  24. Please dont publish these kind of ideas. Technopark authorities will note it down surely implement the above ideas, …he he

  25. Seriously, building a 4-level parking house behind the Tejaswini, with solar panels on top, will generate a better revenue + enough electricity!

    Anyone will happily pay Rs.500 p.m. for a covered parking lot.

    On that way, building covered parking spaces for a capacity of 6000 cars shouldn’t cross more than Rs.3 crores.

    With a rental of Rs.500, the capital is returned within a few months.

    Why don’t go for that?

  26. Seriously, building a 4 level parking house behind the Tejaswini block, with solar panels on top, will generate a better revenue + enough electricity!

    Anyone will happily pay Rs.500 p.m. for a covered parking lot.

    On that way, building covered parking spaces for a capacity of 6000 cars shouldn’t cross more than Rs.3 crores.

    With a rental of Rs.500, the capital is returned within a few months.

    Why don’t go for that?

  27. May b April fool…

  28. They just change their mind every now and then and make money from the common man.
    The authorities and the government are corrupt
    and doing nothing for the common man. They are blood sucking peoples.

  29. there should be some justification to this move first.. whether our companies are supporting such movement??? to use the public transportaion, there should be 24 hr transportation system right.. here it is really difficult to get a bus after 8.30 PM. Do they want us to reach Kazhakootam (via auto/walk) and get the bus from there??? We should protest against this…

  30. this is the best time to protest… election is coming up right… raise our voice…show the unity!!!

  31. Since there’s no official declaration from the TP officials yet, and since nobody believes this news anymore,

    It’s been officially declared that TechnoparkToday has become April fool in the month of March itself!

  32. Ok, Ok, enough. April Fool’s day wishes!

  33. And its totally unsafe to park our cars outside the campus (remember few incidents happened to friends who parked their cars for long term near ARYAS- Infosys) .. So please bring a master plan to oppose this before implementation. ONLY 1 MORE DAY LEFT

  34. Horrible…Everyone in Trivandrum looting Techies…If you go to kazhakuttom market for buying fish or veg, wearing your tag, the price will be higher than normal.. Now Technopark itself doing the same…We should never pay the parking fee…protest protest…

  35. Let them get 500 each from all the autorikshas and taxies parked in technopark first. wht guarantee do they provide that the cars will be safe? there are people who had to drive home with their cars polka dotted after the nila building got painted. TMostl buildings have issue with parking psace these days.The reason behind this move is to bring down the number of cars dirven into technopark per day. Instead they should think of providing parkiing space byu better utilisiation of avialable space. Nila bldng has amigo car wash, tender palace (coconut shop) and an unkonwn structure, remiding of carousel at childrens park which eatup parking space. The shaded area provdied for parking space next to amigo is blocked by taxies. Even the entrance to taht place is too high for hatchbacks to dirve in.

  36. The fish sellers at kazhakoottam market arebetter than technopark authorities.

  37. there are issue with parking psace in many buildigns in technopark. you will feel it if you drive late to office close to 11. They TP mahasheys are findign it difficult ot work it out as they have already rented space to many of their well wishers. ranging from nariyel vale. If you preffer to stop driving to office they can lease out that space too.!

  38. Technopark authorities should understand that techies are earning through their hard-work and not by sitting idle like technopark authorities. Our money is not for generating unnecessary revenues.This is a poor, not poor , really pathetic decison. Hell to those rascals who taking these type of cheap decisions and they should consult a mental doctor.

  39. ur right sugathan. they are rascals

  40. We should not pay a single penny for open parking space in Technopark. if they wanted to charge covered parking space, that is okay. but not for open parking space. if we allow this, they will double this amount in to 1000 or more next year, and nobody can control them after that, So better never allow them to implement any such looting ideas.

    So, techies, how we can protest and stop such practices? share your thoughts.

  41. How to protest? let’s make a plan, everyone please stick on that. please make it happen soon.

  42. Please protest against this robbery. Technopark should provide better facilities and charge for them, not from parking cars in open space. let them build covered parking or multi level parking and charge.

  43. other than just giving petitions, please follow-up it and make sure that its happening, also please let techies know about such movements. and all of them will support that for sure, giving a petition or a request won’t work anymore.

  44. Is this a APRIL FOOL by TP Officials ?

  45. Absolutely, they’re blabbering to use public transport. Which is not efficient

  46. Its totally a sense-less decision. If they can guarantee a parking space for a person who is paying Rs 500 then its justified. Further, it should not be like an open parking bay. Trying to fish out money from Techies who park in open space ought to be a sadistic and greedy.

  47. Super Idea Sirjiii

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