Monday , 18 June 2018
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Fake Experience Certificates in IT Sector

>>Hyderabad:  The number of techies being caught for using fake experience certificate for placements are on a rise in IT hubs such as Hyderabad and Banglore.  Some major IT firms have filed complaints after finding that the experience certificates submitted by some of their employees were fake.


Cases of using fake experience certificates were reported in the past, but companies haven’t registred a case against the frauds.  Recently, Mahindra Satyam has filed complaint against 15 of its employees for submitting fake experience certificates, and the police have registerd cheating cases against them.  Most of the culprits are reportedly absconding.  Sources said the majority of fraudsters are from Bangalore and Tamil Nadu.
According to reports, around 25 percents of IT staff have gained jobs using fake experience certificates.  IT firms’ reluctance to admit unexperienced staff is one of the reason for the increasing the trend.


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  1. Why on these times depend on certificates

  2. Fake experience certificates are used by many of the techies to get jobs, and in some companies they have some backdoor entries also.

  3. Why blaming the techies only? BIG scams are playing by the people with in the companies, for example, in some of the biggest companies even in technopark, the employee refferals wont be taken by the recruitment team, instead they are taking resumes ( that also includes fake technologies and experience) from the HR consultancy companies, and let them in. the recruitment people will get a percentage of the commission from the HR consultancy company.

  4. Oh Sathyam! (or any other company), start a process called “interviews” and “tests”. Fake experience certificate holders can’t excel in “real” interviews. If they excel, then they deserve the job.

  5. what if i have done job for 6 years and after some health problem have not worked for 1 year if i keep real no company calls me then dont hae option with out putting fake experience.

  6. Be ethical dude. Definitely companies will value your 6 years of job.

    It is not possible to fool for a long time. One day you will get caught. India is a country where IT people usually gets 2-3 offers at same time while job hunting.

  7. i would like to tell some scenarios there are many candidates who worked years in companies and when they want to relieve from the company will not relieve and will not give experience letters? what about them?
    2)in x company i quarreled with the manager thats manger mistake and after some days with out notice he send out from the company?then i can not move to courts i dont have such money to do all the stuff
    3)the companies takes me by telling development project and they kept me in support?
    3)the companies takes me by telling 6 months training bu they give direct work?
    3)the companies takes me by telling u have to stay 8 hrs they will pu pressure by to stay 12 hrs?
    4)the company takes me for x technology which i am interested but they will move to other then?
    5)bank statement why should i give my personnel property to company?
    6)some companies fire in recission so how can i fill the gap?
    7)the company wants me to join in nly 15 days but my notice period is 3 months then?
    8)what if my previous company closed because lack of projects
    9)what if my previous has doing business for giving fake experience with taking huge money
    like this there are 1000s of problem from candidate perceptive who will answer these all

    the govt has to follow some standards to do all and if company takes a candidate weather he is fake or genuine they need to keep as promises made and if they want to do any verificaton they have to dobefore offerletter release?

  8. For any reason, faking certificate is a crime. Both ethically and legally.

    There are definite answers for each and every question.

    If one company does not hire you because of certificate problem, try another company. Companies might excuse your inability to bring certificate but they will not pardon lies. Most times it is possible to win the interview with your ‘real experience’ than these ‘fake certificates’. Even if you provide 10 years of experience, if you cannot excel in interviews you will loose.

    You might know most top guys (like Bill Gates, Dell, Azim Premji etc.) are drop-outs. But you might know they now most of them now have Dr. prefix with their names. So it is possible to over come the fate with hard work.

  9. Most probably Bill Gates, Dell, Azim Premji will never get jobs in India . we are happy when our Lallus & Mulayams loot our country lakhs of crores , but some poor fellow who did not get a job as a fresher is left out with no choice but forced by present system to put fake . The whole process of selecting a candidate especially freshers is farce , it is just a filtering mechanism not a true selection process. I was involved in this selection process .