Monday , 28 May 2018
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Ethnic Health Court – A Way Forward to Good Health

After Green Revolution and White Revolution, it looks like there is another one happening, silently – the Health Revolution!

TechnoparkToday.Com>>Ethnic Health Court online magazine ( is a massive hit among IT workforce, who thinks just staring at a computer monitor for hours is hard work, as well as common man , who actually gets up and moves his legs which culminates in an ancient activity called walk.  Why? It’s all about health, providing simple but effective solutions to our common health concerns.

From allergy remedies to home-made six packs… almost all those information we were hunting so long are at your fingertips now.  There is a team of experts including top-level doctors and traditional practitioners who work behind the content of the online magazine and a dedicated team of writers and designers who work behind these pages, keeping it running  24×7.

If we look around, everybody is writing about health. All are talking about what to eat, what not to eat; how to exercise, how many liters of water to drink, how to keep your heart healthy, and how to do yoga pose #39!  One study today concludes tea is good for health, and another study tomorrow says tea causes cancer!  Now, who and what do we believe? It is in this context, EHC has come out with their online magazine with a major difference – Quality. The well-researched content contributed by professionals in the field of medicine and health has found a well-deserving place in the world of clutter. It is appreciative of Team EHC that they are running the website on a purely voluntary basis, and there are regular readers who even make donations to keep this online magazine running.

While speaking to, one of the co-founders of EHC, who is a doctor himself, said the prime emotion behind the birth of EHC is frustration.  He and his friends were frustrated with the unjust life around – homeless and starving people, incurable diseases, unhygienic living conditions, corruption, and a lot other atrocities.  Well, we said “Welcome to the real world!” But instead of cursing the government and Indian attitude, what they did different was to spread their knowledge through a platform called EHC where people can find credible and quality content on all their health-related concerns and topics.

Team EHC also runs a lot of charity initiatives, which they really shy away from explaining because they believe it is not to be used for publicity. On the contrary, what we thought was these guys are doing something for the wellbeing of our society, without screaming loud that they are doing it.. So, they deserve to be heard and known. It is you who will read and share what EHC is trying to spread – the way forward to goodness.

Read Ethnic Health Court online magazine: .   To share your piece of mind, write to EHC at [email protected]. 


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