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How to enjoy work and Life, and ‘NO’ to Work-holism..!

go apraisal>>  May 05, 2014:  Jeena is a unit Head of a Corporate. Because of work pressure, she comes early and leaves late from office. She usually talks about the additional work load she undertakes. Whenever she meets a highly driven person, she feels competing with him/her. This is a trait indeed! Jeena shows symptoms of stress, headache, hypertension and constant fatigue, caused by burning long hours. She quantifies everything and evaluates herself and others on the basis of activities in terms of time and money. Jeena never says NO to people who requests her service. As a result, she schedules more work in less time. This chronic sense of urgency and indispensability is one of the core components of Workaholics, the highly driven people.

Causes of Work- holism:-
Psychologists debate that all addictions of workaholics are driven by fear. Psychologist Barbara Killinger tells readers of Psychology Today that self-doubt afflicts sufferers normally when they reach the peak of their accomplishments, and it manifests itself as several fears. Workaholics are often achievers with histories of success. The longer the success streak goes unbroken, the more intense the fear of failure becomes. Being gifted thinkers, workaholics also fear boredom. Laziness, too, is the object of fear.

Results of Work-holism:-
Time robbed from family and friends eventually leads to breakdowns in relationships. Divorce, alienation from children and extended family, and an inability to relate to neighbors and old friends are the consequences of unaddressed work addiction. Beyond severed relationships, the workaholic may suffer from deteriorating health. A work addict can suffer from elevated stress, higher blood pressure, anger, anxiety and depression. Perhaps the most ironic effect of work addiction is early burnout, making the workaholic less useful to an employer.

‘NO’ to Work-holism

Aayra is an engineer working in a Soft ware Company. Having attended a training workshop, Aayra could understand about work addiction, early. She found out some activities which are humane and edifying. The great works and achievements in art, music, spirituality, philosophy, history and science helped her. Aayra changed her ethical and spiritual priority and started listening music and dedicated her extra time in spirituality which taught her to balance work, life and leisure.

Veda, an executive, balanced the work and life through nature. Nature has got its own curing and calming effect. To be the part of nature, observing nature, watching the movement of stars, spending time at beaches will de-stress you. Therefore it’s important to see where you place your work in comparison to friends, family and loved ones. One should never give up friends and family just for a job. This is a rule of the thumb. Reflect on your priorities!

Thirteen suggestions to enjoy work & life and keep away from work- holism

  • 1. Keep a balance between work and life
  • 2. Eat on time
  • 3. Sleep on time
  • 4. Limit the time for work
  • 5. Have time to Play
  • 6. Read regularly
  • 7. Give and accept compliments
  • 8. Learn to say ‘NO’
  • 9. Avoid talking about work always
  • 10. Relax and de-stress
  • 11. Have some time to think
  • 12. Deal criticism as an opportunity to evaluate
  • 13. Meditate daily



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  1. very valid points. working hard is old fashioned, working smart is new mantra. There is no point in being a workaholic and serve companies by spending all of your other joys in life. company may stop loving you in any fine day. so better keep balance between work and life, for a better career both in work and personal life.

  2. Workaholism is worse than alcoholism. it kills you from both inside and outside.