Wednesday , 22 May 2019
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Earthquake in Trivandrum, Kerala Aug, 2009) : Mild Earth-quake felt at Trivandrum, Kerala around 6.45pm today. It was felt mildly in Technopark, Trivandrum. Many people felt the vibrations. it is officially confirmed and recorded 3.4 in scale.

It is reported that the quake felt many places in trivandrum like poojappura, pothancode, pattom, karamana, puthanchantha, kochuveli, kazhakkootam, kaattayikkonam, and lasted for less than a minute.

Some general precautions during earthquakes

* Immediately seek a safe location such as in a doorway (if you live in an old, adobe house that is not reinforced), beneath a table or desk or along an interior wall away from windows or hazardous objects.
* Cover the back of your head and your eyes to minimize injury from flying debris.
* Do not take elevators during an earthquake.
* If cooking, turn off heating elements immediately.
* If outdoors, stay in open areas away from buildings, power lines, trees and other potential hazards.
* If driving, stop quickly but safely and stay in the vehicle. Do not stop near power lines, bridges, overpasses or other potentially dangerous locations.
* Stay calm and brace yourself to keep your balance, sitting if possible.


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  1. it has been now officialy confirmed

  2. we felt it in Nila building

  3. Yup ! It was a tremor…not exactly having the intensity to be called as an earthquake….quite mild one…

  4. it was an average vibration, not a mild one, i was sitting in my office in tejaswini, and really felt a strong vibration. but only once.

  5. i felt it when i was having my iftar.. seriously, it was mild.. I could feel the vibration.. then the window glass made a weird noise.. it lasted only like some 5 or 10 seconds in marapalam

  6. It was a mild one, but i’m seeing an earthquake for the first time…


  8. The earth quake was of a magnitude 3.4 and lasted for 2.5 seconds.

  9. we felt at gayathri building technopark

  10. it was horrible and exciting.but i never expected an earth quake on tvpm.

  11. felt it when i was sitting on my couch watching tv.all of a sudden the couch began to shake.we all went out of thye building.

  12. yeah true felt in kesavadasapuram, trivandrum at 18.43. 45 seconds

  13. it was horrible … initially i thought it was some big fat guy in office who might have slipped and fell down 🙂

  14. I was sitting in my house in the first floor at Vazhuthacaud. the bed I was sitting gradually began to shake slowly to a fast pace. There was a bottle of water in the bed as well which trembled and caused big noise. I asked father about it, he said he felt nothing. I called my colleagues in Technopark, they apparently got out of the office room…fearfully…

  15. felt it in karamana too…………..only a minor quake………..onlly 3.4 in magnitude

  16. Very mild earthquake at Mannammoola, Peroorkada,Trivandrum at 6.44 pm today.

  17. I was in Gayathri. felt mild vibrations there too ….

  18. oh! it was my first experience with an earthquake

  19. s/w engineer: Earth Quake varunne..oodikkooo….

    Manager: entho cake anelum, ee bug fix cheythittu nee poyaal mathi…

  20. earthquake is caused by the heavy construction works in trivandrum?

  21. My manager didn’t allowed me to get out of the office. they are not bothered about the earthquake.

    ellam koodi idinju veenu chathaal aru samadaanam pareyum …ammachiyee…

  22. he vulnerability of Kerala as an earthquake-prone State was highlighted at a meeting of Government and non-Government organisations held here today in association with UNDP. The programme is part of the Urban Earthquake Vulnerability Reduction Project (UNEVRP) being organised in 38 cities across the country. Apart from Kochi, the project would be implemented in Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikkode in Kerala .

    The UNDP representative, Harikumar, as well as the Ernakulam District Collector, Gyanesh Kumar, pointed out that the entire State was in Zone III, a moderate risk zone, in the seismic zone map prepared by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The speakers pointed out that cities such as Kochi deserved more attention owing to concentration of population.

    While an earthquake could not be prevented, the damage to life and property could be minimised if effective steps are taken. The programme aims at chalking out strategies for disaster management. A city disaster management committee has been formed for Kochi. Similar committees would be formed in other cities where the programme is being implemented.

    The initial programme would be to create awareness among the administrative machinery, engineering fraternity as well as the citizens. The disaster management committee would be assigned tasks for effective operations in case of an eventuality.

    As part of the earthquake preparedness drive, mock drills would be conducted. Specialised disaster management teams at ward and city-levels would be given training. Task forces would be formed for awareness generation, response plans, techno-legal activities, training and capacity building.

  23. kerala is an earth quake place? i dont believe that.

  24. was at work at technopark when all of a sudden everyone experienced a mild earthquake! I never though that kerala was earthquake prone, and that too an earthquake in technopark area in trivandrum!! apparently Kerala does have seismic activity in areas like idukki!

  25. Construction could be a factor but not the main reason for the tremors. If you look at the Google Earth map, you can see the hills cut at different directions. These are called fracture or shear zones. We have a large number of them in Kerala. This is where the rocks slide and cause tremors\earthquakes

  26. 6:45 pm eh? I was on the transport bus then. What do you suggest if an earthquake occurs when you are travelling by the KSRTC buses? Anyways the whole KSRTC bus shakes like anything. So an earthquake on one would be like 1% of the total tremors LOL

  27. prasannan

    i take a bow, std manorama reporting!!!!
    Kochi as the centre of the universe.

  28. I was in Technopark bhavani building … i felt it around 6.45.
    Asianet is reporting this at there website but any confirmation awaited.

  29. It was a tremor…it didnt have the intensity to cause damage to infrastructure.
    I was surfing the net when my house shook…I was sure that there would have been aftershocks but naaa….

  30. Bhoomi kulikkam undaayi enkilum ee kerlam maryaada padikkatte

  31. oru kochu bhoomi kulukkam

  32. Me too felt a nice boomi kulukam….

  33. Many people working in Bhavani Building Technopark felt some minot tremors today also (December-16-2009)


  35. is everybody afraid to die?

    but for what?
    need to do something.

    When I felt that, I was inside thejaswini -2 inside my office. initially I can’t understand what it was, but when I confirmed, I sit there quite simply.

    Please don’t think bad, I don’t have to scare my colleagues,thats all. Everybody is overestimating things, but for what?

  36. I felt my chair trembling, my systems going hayware, here in Nila…. no idea if it was due to my tension.. or due to the real tremor…

  37. I thought i had a vertigo, but later only i came to know that its earthquake. thanks god everyone is safe.

  38. Its the time to do something good. dont you know guys Trivandrum is in the seismic belt? beware of the high raising apartments here.