Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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Earthquake in Kerala Again? Technopark Buildings Evacuated.

Techies in-front of Tejaswini building after the evacuation

Its reported that another earthquake were there on this afternoon in Kerala, and here in Trivandrum many of the technopark companies evacuted their facilities. Many technopark buildings like Nila, leela and Infosys SEZ campus were acted very proactively and suddenly evacuated their employees, and kept them in open areas in the campus.  It is heard that TSunami warnings are in Kerala shores.

More reports will be coming soon…

Photo Courtesy : Joseph Devasia 


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  1. Any news updates from Indonesia regarding any casualties?

  2. Thanks for the immediate update. please update the news from there.

  3. Timely action TechoparkToday Team…

  4. tremors felt in LEELA building a while back… U can see the entire building has been evacuated and the crowd in front of leela… Heard that there was an earth quake somewhere in Indonesia earlier today which recorded a magnitude of 8.7 on the Richter scale and Tsunami warnings have been issued…

  5. We felt it just ten minutes ago and were evacuated from the building

  6. All offices were evacuated in Banglore..

  7. Entire technopark were evacuated. and people were very panic. but hope nothing bad will happen.

  8. Thanks for the updation.

    We were sitting in our office in Thejaswini at the time of the earthquake.

  9. Tremors were felt in Bhavani as well. But didnt see any evacuation process here.

  10. If any building in technopark were not initiated the evacuation process, that should be considered as a serious offense. because the building like bhavani is multi storied and thousands of employees are working there. Almost all other buildings including the Infosys SEZ campus were evacuated, and we can’t predict how the situations would be in the light of the earthquake warnings.

    Evacuation in the time of such warnings is a MUST and should be followed. if something wrong happened, who would take the responsibility? It may sound silly, but you can’t predict how serious the mishaps would be.

  11. However, the authorities would take utmost care in evacuating the buildings during mock fire drill. Yesterday there was a mock drill in Bhavani, and all employess were stricly evacuated. Seems like, the process is intended merely for mock drills. And the authorities dont know what to do if some thing happens in real.

  12. earthquake is very dangerous. so whenever a warning comes it is mandatory that the security people and the responsible people should evacuate the buildings and ensure the safety of people working there. so if any building in technopark did not done it, that is a serious violation of work place safety.

    please consider it at least next time, no matter of the severity of the incident. because that is the best and reccomended practice

  13. our GM gave message about earthquake all employees came down with a minute and wait one hour at ground

    Richter scale shows 8.7 magnitude of earthquake at sumathra

  14. There will be more and more earthquake in kerala, untill total distruction.