Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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Do not Get Mopped at Petrol Pumps…!

>>Ladies with mops to wash the car is a common sight in almost all the petrol bunks in Trivandrum city.  I had a traumatic experience at one of the pumps last week. When I reached the bunk, I asked the lady on duty to fill the petrol for Rs.300 and gave the amount. Meantime, another lady coming through the front way sought permission to clean the glass.  Usually, I don’t entertain this and that day as I had time.  I permitted her to do so.   As she started her work, I saw in the rear mirror the lady who took the money came with the nozzle to fill the fuel and to my surprise I noticed the amount set on the meter was 200.   I told her that I needed the fuel for Rs.300 and I had paid for it.  She argued vehemently that I asked for Rs.200 worth fuel. I got out of the car and could identify the 3 hundred rupee notes which were placed below the pack of 500 rupees in her bag.   She reset it as 300 and started fueling the car. If I hadn’t noticed that, I would have returned with fuel worth 200 instead of 300.


We all visit pumps routinely and should be careful not to get betrayed by these type of crooked elements. This is another mafia operating to loot the common men.  These actions will question the credibility of the well run organizations also. So I kindly request the owner of this particular bunk to take appropriate measures to keep all the anti socials out. Misdeed of a person can spoil your entire business.


For the kind attention of dear readers: Please make sure that your attention should be strictly on the digital gauge of the pump and never allow anyone to clean the wind shield while the tank is being filled.  Every penny you earn is valuable and be aware that you should get for what you spend.  A little attention while spending your hard earned money will save you a lot.

Syed Shiyas

[email protected]


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  1. Keralites are becoming the easiest victims of all types of crooked activities.The lady who tried to cheat 100 rs may be a crook But for her to become another kanimozhi will take another thousand years.

  2. Which petrol station was that?

  3. Please circulate this information to everyone. lots of cheating is happening in our petrol pumps. especially the people wont look in to meters will be cheated for sure.

    anyway thanks for sharing this information.

  4. This is happening in most big pumps, irrespective of the location. Windshield cleaning and marketing of accessories are just a gimmick to distract the attention on the vehicle owner. So be careful at all big pumps. Company owned direct outlets are much better.

  5. Our responsibility is to verify the meter on measurement and price. Some body have to check the measurement is correct or not by collecting on cans to verify. If difference in quantity we can complaint it to the authorities to take action. These corruption can be rectified by us, Kanimozhi like corrupt can be rectified by Jan Lokpal only which is difficult one to become an Act passed by the parliament.

  6. Big frauds are playing in petrol pumps. they are doing fraud in quantity ( they wont give you exactly 1 ltr, it may be upto 100 ml less sometimes), and the quality ( kerosene and other chemicals are mixing with petrol, which in effect damages the engines).

    There should be some strict rules and inspection in such petrol pumps in a regular interval we can also do our part.

  7. Not keeping our eyes on the meter has no gurantee.Once were travelling through Tamilnadu and we entered bunk for refueliing.We four were there ;all eyes on the metre.But to our shock, we saw the boy with the noozle was not filling our car tank but he was pouring it in a small plastic container kept in his right hand.So be alert .If possible get down from the vehicle and check

  8. Adv.Anu V.Nambalikkaran

    How To Ensure You Don’t Get Cheated At A Petrol Pump:

    1. When you are at the Pump, Park Your Car/ Bike In A Way that you can clearly see the Meter Display on the Dispensing Unit. Don’t allow the Pump Operator to fuel otherwise.

    2. Remember, if you are in the car, to lock your car and lower window to tell the Pump Operator your Necessary quantity of fuel.

    3. Stop the Engine.

    4. Never use Mobile Phone In A Petrol pump- It is also Dangerous and- will be a Distraction which could get you cheated.

    5. First ensure ‘Zero’ on the Meter Display, when the the Operator Picks up the Nozzle for Fueling. ( This is also a legal requisite they have to comply.).

    6. Then make sure the operator sets the right quantity on the meter, for fueling. (if it is a preset- pump) .

    7. Then Watch the Display, until the refueling is completed.

    8. Then, ensure that the Operator Closes your Tank Clearly.

    9. Only after this, i repeat, only after this, after you are are satisfied with the quantity and service at the Petrol Pump you should pay the Cash. Resist the temptation to give the cash prior to getting your Product and Service.

    10. If You feel You are Not satisfied with the Product or Service in any of the Petrol Pumps, You can Easily take the Phone No. Of the Concerned Company Official, which will be (Mandatory) , be displayed on the wall of all petrol pumps, call him and tell him the nature of your complaint. They really will take action.( you can also visit their website to register a complaint).

    11. Remember all Petrol pumps are working under the Supervision of Weight and measures Department, and Their Parent company. Both will respond to any kinds of complaints in Petrol Pumps.

    If you Feel You have any Doubts about the Quality or Quantity Of the Fuel that is Dispensed Through the Petrol pump You, as a customer, are authorized by law to do test on the pump. Ask the Pump management for the “5 Litre Jar ” to do the Quantity Test, ask for the “Density test Kit” if you doubt the Quality of the fuel.

    ( And coming to whether or not you should let the Fore-Court Attender to clean your Wind Screen, it is okay after you have completed the transaction of Fuel Purchase, remember Fuel is Liquid Gold, Mopping and air filling are all free services)

    Remember If You Don’t take Care No One Else Needs To Be Blamed.

    ” Know Your Rights, Exercise It, Or Loose It”

  9. Adv. Anu, thanks for the tips. these tips are really useful. I suggest this tips to be included in the article or post these tips as a seperate article, so that everybody will aware about this.

    thanks for sharing them. thanks a lot…

  10. I too had an experience but this time without a lady with mop. I went to this petrol pump and told the person to put in Rs. 150 petrol. I gave him Rs. 200. He took it and was looking for a change and then asked me to pay Rs. 50 more. When I asked him, he said loudly that I had paid only Rs.100 and that I have to pay Rs. 50 more making me a laughing character in the public. Since the managers of the pump were very known to me, I personally met them and resolved the matter.

  11. @Hcg Activator, That is another thing. It does not relate to this news. This happens commonly in US.

  12. Why don’t you tell the name of the bunk so that we also do not go there, Let us share this type of malpractices to every body so that it will not happen to others.

  13. yes please do share such names, so that we wanted to teach them a lesson. please share the details. …also please post such news via this popular website friends….