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Company, Career and Self Motivation

selfmotivation >> Adam was a dedicated resource. He was always there first to learn anything new. He suggests majority of the solutions. It was going on and on. He was on this same tone for over seven years. One fine day, he looked around and found that many of them began along with them are not around. Either they left and joined other companies at higher positions or few of them are at higher managerial positions.

Adam looked at his designation and it mentioned as an architect. On further analysis, he found that with the kind of knowledge depth and the working history, he should be a senior architect. He went out for a tea with one of his close friend and discussed. This was the first time Adam was thinking about him after starting his career 7 years ago. They discussed about the options. First they thought on why it happened. Finally they concluded that there was no year-on-year thought-after career plan. Now the solutions would be that he can go out of the company and get a better position, fight with the current firm and grab it or showcase whatever he has achieved for the company so far to the senior management and convince and negotiate. The last option seemed to be promising as it brings the win-win situation. It was quite a struggle. But he learned it the hard way. He managed to get back the lost glory and from there on, he kept an year-on-year career plan and made it a point to review it on every quarter.

Nation Building. All nations need motivated people to take the country to higher levels. We need more self motivated people. The history shows us that unless we are disturbed, questioned or challenged, we do not think of solutions or alternatives. By nature, all humans tend to move toward their comfort zones. They expects to remain there for long and slowly become idle and non-productive.

How can you identify self motivators?

1. Very vibrant person
2. Always asks questions/clarifications
3. Will take up or involve in matters outside of his/her boundary of work
4. Will come up with fresh initiatives and drive it to closure
5. Always be there to help anyone in the team

Reward. Self motivators are not doing such things for any gain. They would get the satisfaction by doing something extra and outside of their routine job. Actually, it is like rejuvenating their energy by doing something non repetitive. It will refresh them and they becomes more productive and satisfied. Do the “Karma”. Do not think about the rewards. The rewards will reach you as and when the time comes.

How can you change? It is simple. Get involved with any initiative outside of your regular work that you think would be beneficial for you and the organization. Give your 100% to it. The results would show up automatically. Always be there to think and change the game plan when needed. What will happen if that organization does not support anything other than the work. Find out those innovative ways who could still help and change the perception within that framework. You should challenge the status-quo. People will like it at the end when they see the benefits. This is how leaders are born. Your behavior will influence people around and thus they also would become motivated. The very circle of influence will slowly raise you to the top as a leader. We have immense such visible examples such as Dr. Kalam, Dr. E Sreedharan, etc.

How can we keep us motivated? 

1. Have a Goal in your life
2. Forget about reward
3. Align yourself to the Organizational goal
4. Associate yourself with few initiatives that would lead to your goal
5. Share your dream
6. Seek help
7. Assess progress weekly
8. Enjoy and share your achievements
9. Provide Help
10. Re-evaluate and change the plan

Author Info:

Sanjay Bhaskaran PMI Kerala

Sanjay Bhaskaran, 20 years experienced, is holding the position of VP Education with PMI Kerala chapter and also working as Delivery Manager with UST Global at Technopark. He can be contacted at [email protected]



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