Monday , 23 April 2018
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City gets Double-decker, Vestibule buses

Double-decker buses, once an identity of Thiruvananthapuram, and new vestibule buses will start plying in the city from Tuesday. Transport Minister Jose Thettayil will flag off the buses from the city stand at 9.30 am. After a long interval, city will witness the plying of double-decker buses through the royal roads of Thiruvananthapuram.

Double-decker buses stopped plying the city for past 5 years. The new buses will be of the same model of the old ones. The lower deck will have a capacity of 42 seats while upper deck will have 31 seats. The two buses starting from Thiruvananthapuram city unit will cover Sasthamangalam and Shanghumugham routes.

The 16-meter length vestibule bus will be new to the city. It will have 59 seats. It can also hold 30 standing passengers. The vestibule bus will follow Kesavadasapuram-Medical College-Kumarapuram-Kannammoola-East Fort route.
Both the buses, introduced as part of the modernization measures of the KSRTC, is expected to woo locals as well as foreign tourists.


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  1. These types of gimmicks are not going to solve our transportation problem.Here the traffic in the city is not at all organised.Anybody can park his vehicle anywhere.Any vehicles take Uturn without any warinings.Transport buses park in the middle to load passengers.Passengers stand in the middle to board buses rather waiting at the sheds.Autorichshaws are a real menace to anyone travelling through the city roads.Two wheelers ply through wrong sides creating havoc and fear.It is high time we had developed a road culture that respects every road user.

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